Hearthstone fans will know of a few of the new cards that will come with Galakrond’s Awakening solo adventure. Although they may have to wait a while until all 35 new cards are revealed by Blizzard, leakers want to accelerate things a bit according to reports.

The Japanese website BeerBrick Hearthstone published photos of what seems to be cards connected to Galakrond’s Awakening. There seem to be images for eight cards, all in Spanish, and they all seem to originate from a phone camera taken of a computer screen. This would indicate the leaker having access to the latest adventure’s test version. A ninth card, a Priest spell, was also listed for the first time but has been removed from the website since.

At this time it is unknown whether the leak is genuine. If it’s forged, somebody invested a lot of time and effort into it because all the card arts are of high quality, their overall numbers make sense for Hearthstone, and you can also spot the Galakrond’s Awakening watermark Behind the descriptions.

We’re not sure how many of them are collectible, even if they’re genuine. Some might be exclusive to foes that players will fight throughout the game, but we can see in the background that some were discovered and opened by the leaker in the card collection tab of Hearthstone.

Eight Leaked Hearthstone Galakrond’s Awakening Cards

Although in Spanish, Reddit User FirePaladinHS released descriptions for all.

Leaked Hearthstone Galakrond’s Awakening Cards
Leaked Hearthstone Galakrond’s Awakening Cards