Pop-up Hearthstone Book

I’m certain many of you have wondered when Blizzard would release Hearthstone physical cards. Blizzard, however, has gone down another avenue by creating a Hearthstone pop-up book. Now I realize you’ll are sitting there thinking how is that better? It‘s not… yet to deliver the unexpected Blizzard has knocked this one out the park.

The pop-up book plainly named “The Hearthstone Pop-up Book.” is not anything we’ve requested to be made or even thought we desired but boy we’re glad they did.

Front Cover - Hearthstone Pop-up Book

The description advertised on Amazon reads as follows:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

“Enter the tavern, take your seat by the fire, and tuck into The Hearthstone Pop-Up Book, a celebration of Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed collectible card game.”

The book that’s aimed at a younger audience will feature the introduction of the nine heroes. The pop-up book will engage the reader allowing them to become immersed in the Hearthstone world.

Hearthstone Pop-up book

Blizzard’s rich lores across all games are cherished by fans all around the globe and with this latest adventure, it should help to reach the younger audience in a new unique way! (Older audience also… I’m so grabbing myself a copy.)

The Hearthstone Pop-Up book expresses Blizzard’s passion for developing creative content. The book contains art from Mike Sass and produced by Simon Arizpe. We‘re blown away with how the book has turned out. Check the video out below to see just how amazing this new Hearthstone Pop-up book is!

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon – Will you be grabbing yourself a copy?