Battlecry animations speed changes:

Blizzard’s update 11.1 aims to fix some problematic issues that [Shudderwock] currently has. Doubling the speed of animations and limiting the number of battlecries to 20.
Many players have asked ‘how do we turn animations off completely in Hearthstone?’ This is especially the case for mobile users. Yet Blizzard has not introduced a feature like this yet because right now there is no suitable solution. For example, let us break this down into three scenarios.

Hearthstone card animation disabled (No time buffer)

Player 1 has animations disabled.
Player 2 has animation active.
Player 1 in this scenario would have a clear advantage due to not seeing animations. Player 1 would be able to play cards at a faster rate. Whilst Player 2 would be forced to sit and wait for the animations to finish.

Hearthstone card animation disabled (Time buffer)

Player 1 had animations disabled.
player 2 has animations active.
This time when any animation is active. Although Player 1 has no animations shown, Player 1 will have to wait until Player 2’s animations have finished before he can act.
This would solve the unfair advantage that Player 1 gained by acting faster. Yet the game would no longer be fluid. The game would feel incomplete and not very well polished. It will also give Player 1 more valuable thinking time, once again gaining an advantage.

Disable all Hearthstone animations

The third and final scenario is to disable card animations for everyone.
Once again not a viable option. There are many people that love the animations in Hearthstone. Removing the card animations limits Blizzards to innovate, inspire and refresh aspects of the game that is so familiar with many Hearthstone fans.
The reason we mention the above is although Blizzard has no solution to the animation issue right now. They are making changes all the time to animations to ensure they are as optimal and efficient as possible.
See below for all 11.1 changes:


  • Doubled the speed of Shudderwock’s Battlecry animation.
  • Shudderwock now reproduces a maximum of 20 Battlecries.
  • Doubled the speed of Lifedrinker’s Battlecry animation.


  • Updated the appearance rate of cards to improve class balance by win percentage. For example, Paladin had a higher than average win rate, and should now be closer to average.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the art on the Soul Assimilation Monster Hunt card.
  • [Android] Updating Hearthstone via the client no longer triggers a warning about installing an app from an unknown source.