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Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons, Auto Chess And More…

Five Free Legendary cards

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Blizzard have just announced the latest expansion to Hearthstone – Descent of Dragons and their new eight-player auto battler at BlizzCon 2019

The Hearthstone story arch is about to come to an end, starting back in the Rise of the Shadows by promptly introducing the League of E.V.I.L who roped us into their plot to steal Dalaran. This was then followed by the Saviors of Uldum expansion which had us and the League of Explorers swiping across the desert wiping out plagues started by Rafaam and his cohorts. Ultimately, we end at the final chapter of the iconic story – Descent of Dragons.

“The curtain rises on a shimmering twilight sky, across a blanket of snow. A chill wind gusts across an ancient field of bones.”

Hearthstone’s latest expansion will see more Dragons than ever before. Many of which players will have seen before, but Blizzard promises a handful of new ones of their own devisings for players to enjoy. Let’s check out what’s new in Descent of Dragons:

Hearthstone Decent of Dragons

To begin with, Blizzard mentions that we can expect to see a handful of new mechanics which is to be expected but what’s more exciting is the addition of a new powerful keyword. Blizzard could not create an expansion based around dragon without including the most feared beast of them all – Galakrond, the Nightmare Blizzard but they also thought it would be fitting to base a new keyword around him.

Galakrond is Hearthstone’s newest hero card, When you put this card into play he will replace your current hero. Bringing with it, his own unique battle cry and hero power. Pairing the card with the newest keyword – Invoke, he’ll become even more dominant and change forms!

Galakronds different forms:

Galakrond, the Nightmare

Galakrond The Nightmare
Galakrond The Nightmare

Galakrond, the Apocalypse

Galakrond The Apocalypse
Galakrond The Apocalypse

Galakrond, Azeroth’s End

Galakrond Azeroth End
Galakrond Azeroth End

Known cards with the new Invoke keywords are:

Seal Fate

Seal Fate
Seal Fate

Shield of Galakrond

Shield Of Galakrond
Shield Of Galakrond

All five classes aligned with the League of E.V.I.L will have access to Galakrond and be able to harness the great power he beholds. Everyone will receive a copy of all five Galakrond legendary cards for free just for logging in when the set launches.

Every class in Hearthstone will additionally receive a Legendary dragon when the new chapter is released on December 10th. Prepurchase begins today!

Hearthstone Auto Chess

A new way to play Hearthstone – Hearthstone’s newest mode called Hearthstone Battle Grounds. It is an eight-player mode inspired by the popular auto-battle genre.

You and seven other players are challenged to recruit minions and send them into battle against your opponents until only one is left standing. The open beta will begin on November 12th. If you’ve prepurchased Descent of Dragons you can enjoy the beta as early as this coming Tuesday!

Hearthstone Battle Grounds
Hearthstone Battle Grounds


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