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Hearthstone fanatics, get ready later in the week for a shocking revelation. Blizzard Entertainment took to social media to drop a creative teaser for what appears to be Hearthstone’s New Expansion, with more info coming on November 1.

The video, entitled “Choose Wisely,” starts by panning to Madame Lazul eerily.

“Our plan is in place,” the E.V.I.L. member says. “I’ve consulted the fates. But I see change in the cards once again. Something stirs here tonight. Doubts flicker my candlelight. Have our chaos and conquest been in vain? A conflict is coming. To the finale, we are running. But two different ends both seem true. Our fate is uncertain. When falls the final curtain, a victor shall be chosen—by you.”

Hearthstone fans have been able to typically play in recent expansions as both the League of E.V.I.L. and the League of Explorers. But both of the initial two expansions required players to play as either one or the other — never both.

Madame Lazul miraculously appears to be foretelling in Blizzard’s trailer, that players will be able to choose which group they will play as in the upcoming expansion. Hearthstone fans are eagerly expected to uncover more specific details at BlizzCon on November 1.