Riot has recently shared via Facebook and Twitter a teaser video, albeit a short clip, it is enough for fans to wildly speculate who the new champion skin is for.

Just like Kled and Camille – Finally, New Skins For Kled And Camille On Its Way, fans have craved for a new Heimerdinger skin for a long time but Anna ‘Supercakes’ Donlon, Riot Games product manager (check out the video at the bottom of the post from the link) confirmed back in March that a Heimerdinger skin is on its way. However, No-One knows when will see the skin. Maybe this is the time for ‘The Revered Inventor’?

There are a couple of hints to suggest that the new skin will in-fact be Heimerdinger’s dragon trainer skin, As the same video was posted via League of Legends EU Twitter account but with one minor difference.  Along with the video, there was a caption that read.

“Eureka! I’ve hatched it!”

Heimerdinger – The Revered Inventor

If you are not familiar with these words, Heimerdinger players will know ‘Eureka’ is one of the quotes from the eccentric yordle scientist.

Another note to mention is that at the start of the teaser video, it appears ‘Heimerdinger’ takes off his scientific goggles to witness the dragon egg hatching which points to a dragon trainer skin.

The dragon trainer skins have already been released on two other champions, Lulu and Tristana who are both Yordles, therefore it is fitting that the new dragon skin is made for a Yordle champion.

Is there enough hints to suggest it is indeed Heimerdinger? Share us your thoughts and reaction to the teaser video above.