Is it a Sniper! Is it a Grenade! Nope, it’s an arcing, bouncing explode projectile, Fortnite introduces the all-new Proximity Grenade Launcher and more.

The update for Fortnite’s patch v9.21 has arrived and will introduce another brand-new weapon, the Proximity Grenade Launcher. Capable of shooting grenades that will explode when the projectile is within proximity of an opponent. Plus, the leaked Horde Rush will soon be accessible, a new LTM will get you teaming up with your squad members defending off a horde of monsters, but beware the monsters server a master.

Proximity Grenade Launcher

The Proximity Grenade Launcher will be available in Epic and Legendary rarity and can be looted in the familiar places from Supply Drops, Loot Carriers, Vending Machines and Chests.

Part Sniper and part grenade the newest weapon will utilize Rocket ammo which can hold 2 explosive rounds before you need to reload. Firing grenades that can bounce of buildings just like the Grenade Launcher but with one minor difference, the grenade will explode automatically when it is within close proximity of an opponent. Allowing you to pull off some crazy trick shots.

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The proximity has a radius of 250 units before the grenade detonates automatically and has an explosion radius of 300 units. Damage to players who are caught in the blast will take between 67-70 HP (Hit Points) but structures and other environmental damage will cause almost double the amount of damage. Anywhere between 131 to 138.

A grenade from the Proximity Grenade Launcher that does not come within proximity of an opponent will explode after 10 seconds or if it has nearly come to stop.

What about the sniper part?

Well, that is part of the new weapon aiming mechanism, just like what you would do with a sniper, you aim down a scoped sight, zooming in on your opponents and giving you pinpoint accuracy of where to shoot.

Horde Rush LTM

Horde Rush LTM and Challenges Fortnite
Horde Rush LTM and Challenges – Fortnite

The new Horde Rush LTM will soon be available and will get you fighting alongside your teammates in a four player squad.

Hordes of monsters will be coming at you from all angles, so gather as much loot and eliminate as many monsters as you possibly can. However, be prepared, the boss is coming.

There will be special loot chest to provide you with powerful weapons and ammunition as you traverse across Fortnite’s Battlegrounds to the next defence point. Scavenging for materials and building defences ready to take on the Boss in the final showdown.

Players will be able to respawn throughout Horde Rush LTM until the last stage when the boss arrives with his horde of minions.

Horde Rush Challenges

Due to the Horde Rush LTM is not yet available we cannot confirm these Horde Rush Challenges but is very likely they are.

Last week notorious leaker, Lucas7yoshi share via Twitter file containing a list of Horde Rush Challenges that will soon be available in Fortnite.

From the list you can see a list of a rewards for completing each Horde Rush Challenge. Mostly containing XP rewards you will notice there is the Horde Rush loading screen and a wrap.