View and explore user-created #FortniteBlockParty creations within Fortnite Creative Mode by using their Island Code. Our guide will show you how and where to use Fortnite’s Island Code.

The newly added Creation Mode within Fortnite does not only allow users to create their own creation using parts of Fortnite building materials. But it also enables users to share their user-created content for others to explore by the use of an Island Code. Our comprehensive guide will show you how to enter island codes within Fortnite Creation Mode.

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How To Enter Island Codes In Fortnite

In Season 7, Fortnite introduces the Creative Mode that enabled users to create their own buildings, towns, sculptures or anything they can possibly imagine on a blank island. Due to Risky Reels being squashed by a giant Block, it allowed Fortnite ingenious idea to make users feel more connected to Fortnite, by displaying users submitted creations at the Block.

User-created designs within Creative Mode are submitted by using #FortniteBlockParty via Social Media for a chance to feature in Fortnite Battlegrounds. If Epic Games decide you are very good at creating, you will be able to publish your island within the Creative Mode Island menu itself.

Publishing your content through the menu, you will receive your island code as soon as you publish your island.

Using #FortniteBlockParty to get your creation noticed, Epic Games will give you the Island Code if you are lucky enough to be chosen, or it is a popular interest to other users.

The island code can be entered by anyone within the Creative Mode. You will see Island codes on various social media sites as it the number one tool to share information and in this instant, Island Codes.

Enter Island Code

Once you have an Island Code of a popular design you wish to explore, you will need to enter Fortnite’s Creative Mode. Below are some previous island creations that have feature at The Block.

Previous Featured Fortnite Block Party Creations

Loading into Creative Mode you will be met with this screen

Fortnite Creative Mode Spawn
Spawning into Creative Mode – Fortnite | Creative Mode

You will see your own Creative Island ahead of you, but if you look right behind your island portal you will notice four featured island creations.

Walk up to any of the four feature Island creations, marked by the blue rifts. Do not run through the rift. You want to position yourself next to the rift. An on-screen button prompt will appear asking to set Island Code.

Fortnite Creative Mode Set Island Code Prompt
On-screen prompt to set Island Code – Fortnite | Creative Mode

Press the corresponding button, and you will be met with this screen.

Fortnite Creative Mode Enter Island Code
Enter or Paste in the island code to replace the 12 0’s – Fortnite | Creative Mode

At the top, there is a section where you can input your Island Code, you can either enter or copy and paste the code into the field and hit enter. The Island that matches the Island Code you have entered will appear in a list below. The island will begin to load once you select the island on the list.

Fortnite Creative Mode Selecting Island
Select Island from the list – Fortnite | Creative Mode
Fortnite Creative Mode Island Loading
Island is loading – Fortnite | Creative Mode

Once the island has finished loading, you now may enter the rift to explore the Island you chose.

Fortnite Creative Mode Island Loaded
Island has loaded. You may walk through the rift – Fortnite | Creative Mode

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