Adopt Me is among the most influential Roblox games in the world. Gamers have the ability to adopt and train a number of fun animals. Additionally, players are allowed to decorate their houses, build new houses and unlock special rewards along the way. For new players that are not willing to spend robux can experience a hard time improving their collection of pets. In this article, we’ll cover all the ways to get Adopt Me pets for free to help you get started.

Adopt Me Free Pets

Within the Adopt Me game, there are several ways to get your paws on some free pets. Although certain events do deliver specific pets, the pet you get will depend on what hatches from your eggs. To get free pets in Adopt Me, players need to either get them through events, rewards for stars collected, or earn bucks and buy eggs! We’ll discuss specifics below on how you can perform each of these.

Starter Egg

Once you start the game for the first time, you’ll head to the Nursery where you’ll be greeted by Sir Woofington. He will hand out a starter egg that you’ll need to hatch to get your first pet! Complete pet tasks to hatch the egg, but once you do, you’ll be provided the choice of either a Cat or Dog! Your pet collection starts here.

Star Rewards

Star Rewards remains an excellent way to get pets for free! All you’ll have to do is log in to Adopt Me to gain stars every single day. Login streaks will grant more stars with bonuses for successfully signing in for five days straight. Managing to sign in for a month will grant you a cracked egg which you can hatch for another free pet! As you log in you’ll unlock milestones, some of which will allow you to claim free star reward exclusive pets.

Event Pets

Every now and then Adopt Me will put on special events, mostly during seasonal times. During these events, players occasionally have the chance to purchase time-limited pets from either eggs, adopt me bucks or some form of theme-appropriate currency like candies for Halloween. There has even been occasions where all players have to do is log in during the event to redeem a free adopt me pet. Keep an eye on upcoming events to claim additional pets for free.

Earn Bucks & Buy Eggs

The last and most common way to acquire pets without wasting any real money or Robux is to raise money in game and buy eggs! Fortunately, there are a number of ways to earn money: paychecks, login rewards, tasks, money trees, and more. Let’s break each activity down.

Player & Pet Tasks

Completing tasks will not only grant players money but will also increase your pet’s level, which is helpful later on if you plan to make the pet neon. Tasks are split into two groups, blue and orange. Successfully completing blue objectives will earn you 6-7 bucks. These include tasks like feeding, showering and letting your tired pet sleep. Orange tasks will bag $12 bucks and are time limited, therefore, players should prioritize these ones. Usually, the tasks require you to travel to specific locations on the map like school, park or campsite and chill there for a little while.


Paychecks are given out every in-game day cycle, granting you $20 bucks. Typically this can be secured every 10-15 minutes, but you’ll need to be in-game to claim these. As you level your pets to earn bucks, the paycheck can be claimed multiple times providing a nice amount of free money.

Star Rewards

You can sign in for the star rewards on a daily basis, but you also get a hefty chunk of bucks for every day you hop into game in a row. Ensure that the game is opened at least once a day to maintain the streak to get even more money!

In-Game Items

Money Tress are home decorating items that when placed will start to grow bucks. Players can harvest the tree for 8 bucks each time to a maximum of 100 bucks per day. Placing multiple Money Tree will speed up the time required to claim 100 bucks but will not increase the amount you can claim daily.

Hot dog Stand, Lemonade Stand and Ice Cream Trucks are a premium way of making money in Adopt Me. However, these items can be obtained for free by trading and so i’ll include them here. Each of these items can be placed around the Adopt Me map, and players can set a price they wish to sell their items for. Hot dog Stand will sell hot dogs, Lemonade Stand Lemonade and the Ice Cream Truck will naturally sell ice cream. Both Lemonades and Ice cream can be sold between 1-20 bucks and Hot dog stand between 1-50 bucks.

Now that you’ve built up a good stash of money, it’s time to buy some eggs from the Nursery. Several different eggs can be purchased at varying prices. Typically, if an egg cost more, the chances are you’ll receive better odds of the egg hatching out a pet of more value.

  • $350 Bucks: Cracked Egg
  • $600 Bucks: Pet Egg
  • $1,450 Bucks: Royal Egg

Special eggs can be brought in the Nursery as well, however the price and pets you’ll receive will differ depending on the current egg theme. Currently, the Aussie Eggs occupies the gumball machine and can be brought for $750. Keep in mind these are time-limited eggs, once they are extracted from the game, players can only receive them by trading.

Adopt Me Free Pets Scam

Regrettably, due to Adopt Me’s popularity, there are many people out there coming up with clever ways to scam players. Many are so convincing that even the most cautious minds can fall victim. Here are some typical free pet scams you should avoid.

Adopt me Cheat codes

Beware of any hacks or cheats for Adopt me that boldly claim you can get free legendary pets. While I’m certain there are scripts and such that can help you cheat in Adopt me, the risk is far too high. Either you’ll have your account stolen or worse, end up with a nasty malware/virus that can be extremely dangerous.

As you may know, many Roblox games offer codes that you can use to redeem special prizes. Adopt me currently has no active codes available. So don’t believe anyone offering these.

Fail Trades

Many players have fallen victim to this scam. Exploiting a quirky let’s say “oversight” by Adopt Me. A fail trade has many forms, mostly consisting of player A placing a piece of food into the trade window while player B places a pet. Then player A will either eat or pass the food item that’s in the trade window causing the trade to fail after both users tick up. Surely that’s just a bit of fun, how can that be bad? Well, this is where the scam starts; scammers will not complete the fail trade fully so that when both players accept the trade it will complete successfully causing player B to lose their pet. So be wary of all fail trades, typically you will see messages like “ABC to fail trade, I’ll add free Giraffe after.” Avoid at all costs.

There are many types of scams in Adopt Me to be aware of. While the developers have stated they plan to lower the chance of scams in the future, it’s best to stay cautious of anyone offering free Adopt Me pets.

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