Sinnoh Stone Items have been introduced into Pokemon Go alongside Gen 4 Evolutions in the latest Pokemon Go update.

If you have not heard, Gen 4 Evolution Pokémon are slowly being released into the game. These newly added Gen 4 Evolutions require a special stone called Sinnoh Stones. They help specific pre-evolved Pokémon evolve into their new Gen 4 Evolutions that were introduced into Pokemon Go with the addition of Gen 4 Evolutions.

Gen 4 Evolutions became available with the introductory of the Sinnoh Region which is the main setting of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and platinum. Therefore, the item Sinnoh Stone exists and used for only Sinnoh region Gen 4 Evolution Pokemon.

Here is a list of all the Gen 4 Evolutions

Pokemon New Gen 4 Evolutions On The Way

How To Get Sinnoh Stones In Pokemon Go

Players will have to complete quests to finish their Field Research. Once their Field Research is completed, it will promptly lead players to unlock a Research Breakthrough that rewards them with unique rewards and rare encounters. Now that Sinnoh Stones has been introduced into the game you will be able to receive Sinnoh Stones as part of the unique reward.

Field Research takes a full week to unlock a research breakthrough, so it will take some time if you want to evolve all 20 4th Gen Evolution Pokemon.

With the introduction of Trainer Battles, you now can earn them as part of the PVP reward giving you another way to collect Sinnoh Stones.

Sinnoh Stones is not the only item needed to successfully evolve these specific Pokemon. You will also need 100 candies, but as the event is live, it makes it easier to collect candy.