Overlook Bay will be exiting beta soon, and you’re probably intrigued about all the ways to make money in the game! Well, in this guide, we will go over all of the known methods of doing so. The primary currency in the game is gems, so you will need to engage in a variety of ways to obtain them. These gems will be used in Overlook Bay to buy pets, home accessories, vehicles, and everything else.

Get Money Fast In Overlook Bay

In Overlook Bay there are several alternative ways you can collect gems. Here’s a complete rundown of all that we know presently! Due to the game being in beta, we expect more ways to be introduced soon, so stay tuned! We also have a handy guide that includes every pet in Overlook Bay!

Daily Login Bonus

Every day you login to play the game you’ll receive rewards, these include gems, pet tickets, and more. The more you login the better your rewards are, stopping after 30 days and resetting.

Pet & Player Needs

Overlook Bay has a very similar needs system as Adopt Me, so if you’ve ever played that game you’ll be right at home. Put simply, you or your pet will receive needs that you can fulfill in return for some gems. These needs will include activities like, feeding, sleeping, and visiting certain locations around the map like the Movie Theater. We’ll update this guide once the game leaves beta to include every need in Overlook Bay in full details.

When you start taking care of your pets, you’ll gain experience and a second resource called Paw Badges. The badges can be used to spin the wheel found in the Pet Store. This wheel has the opportunity to present you with a range of gems, pet tickets, or even ultra-rare pets! You’ll receive 5 Paw badges every time you complete an assignment for your pet. Needs are triggered every two and a half minutes. If you level a pet up, you’ll gain a bunch of Paw Badges, and the amount will depend on their rarity level.


Players are granted access to a task system that operates similar to a quest list. These duties, in exchange for some gems, will request you to fulfill certain objectives. Most of these objectives can be completed automatically by simply doing your player and pet needs. However, the task system is even more detailed and will involve the player catching fish, gathering fruit or even hunting for hidden treasure. Completing tasks will present you several more challenges to tackle, with the game awarding new tasks every 24 hours.

Wishing Well

Another creative way players can collect gems is by visiting the Wishing Well and making a wish. Players can perform this every 16 hours once for free, to make more wishes you’ll have to purchase Robux (50). Prizes are randomly selected from a pool of goodies, with the most desirable receiving the lowest chance. Here’s what the odds look like for each prize.

  • 40% Chance: 25 Gems
  • 35% Chance: 50 Gems
  • 10% Chance: 100 Gems
  • 5% Chance: 150 Gems
  • 4% Chance: Bronze Ticket
  • 3% Chance: Silver Ticket
  • 2% Chance: Gold Ticket
  • 1% Chance: Diamond Ticket
How To Get Money Fast Overlook Bay Wishing Well
How To Get Money Fast Overlook Bay Wishing Well

Activities In Overlook Bay

Exploring Overlook Bay’s beautiful world comes with its fair share of perks. The potential to make even more gems fast continues with activities you can do around the map. Let’s take a quick look at all the creative side quests players can do to make money.

Collecting Seashells & Starfish: Travel to the beach or any sandy location along the river and hunt for seashells and starfishes. Once you’ve picked up a few, head to the beach house and sell them to Marlin Barnacle.

Buried Treasure: While scouting the beach coast’s keep an eye out for X-marks on the floor. Once you find one, take out your shovel and click the spot. Each time you’ll uncover a special artifact that can also be sold for gems. Make your way into the lighthouse and navigate to the mysterious room to find the scientist hard at work. He’s only awake at night so players are not granted access to this room during the day.

Fishing: Find any water source in Overlook Bay and whip out your fishing rod to begin catching colorful fishes. Once you get a bite, a little mini-game bar will pop up on your screen where you’ll need to get the yellow marker as close to the center as possible.

How To Make Money Overlook Bay Fishing Mini Game
How To Make Money Overlook Bay Fishing Mini Game

Fish will also be sold in the same location as shells and starfish, which is the beach house in the middle of the ocean! You can also purchase fishing bait and different-looking fishing rods, to fish in style. The fishing bait will provide a better chance of capturing Legendary and Ultra-Rare fish!

Fruit Trees: Shake Shake Shake! Locate pink fruit trees found around the Overlook Bay Town, give them a little shake and collect all the fruit. Don’t want to run around finding all these trees? Plant some in your back garden for easy access. You’ll need to buy the seeds from the Organic Fruit Farmer, Clyde, who coincidentally is the NPC you’ll need to sell all your found fruit to. Trees regenerate every 12 hours, therefore attempt to shake them twice a day for maximum income.

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