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How to Obtain LoL New Exclusive Hextech Sejuani Skin

If you have not heard by now, a new exclusive ultra-rare Hextech skin is coming your way.

Unlike typical skins released in League of Legends that are usually obtained by purchasing with Riot Points or by exchanging Orange Essences, so long as you have the skin shard, Hextech skins require another form of payment.

To unlock the new Hextech Sejuani Skin players will need to get their hands on a rare material called Gem Stones.

Gemstones are one of League of Legends crafting material that is very hard to come by. In fact, the only way to collect Gemstones is by open Hextech Chest which has a very low drop rate of 3.6% or via the Essence Emporium. A special limited event that only comes around once or maybe twice a year.

At the Essence Emporium, players can trade their Blue Essence for Gemstones, however, the price is pretty hefty (around 50,000 Blue Essences).

Hextech Sejuani Skin

Hextech Sejuani Skin Splash Art Lol
Hextech Sejuani Skin Splash Art Lol
Hextech Sejuani Stills
Hextech Sejuani Stills

Harnessing the power of Hextech technology to create her mechanical mount, Hextech Sejuani enters the rift will new Hextech visualisations, Sound effects and new recall animation.

Players who would like to get their hands on the Hextech Sejuani skin will need to head over to the Hextech Crafting area within LoL Client and exchange their Gemstones.

By clicking on the Gemstone material will display a list of exclusive Gemstones crafting items that can be exchanged. Here is where you will find Hextech Sejuani skin and all other Hextech skins, exclusive Wards and Chromas.

Gemstone Shop Lol Hextech Crafting
Gemstone Shop Lol Hextech Crafting

How many Gemstones needed to unlock Hextech Sejuani Skin?

To date, every Hextech skin released so far has needed 10 Gemstones to unlock the exclusive skin. It is currently set at 10 Gemstones on LoL PBE server and we don’t see this changing anytime soon.


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