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How To Watch Worlds 2018 – League Of Legends

Full Schedule Of Lol Worlds 2018 So You Can Watch Your Favourite Team

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 has officially kicked off but if you were expecting to see team Infinity eSports on opening day, you will be disappointed. Due to a delay in securing visas, team Infinity departed on the 28th September and arrived in Korea in the morning of September 30th. With only a day before the Worlds starts, the League Operations team decided to change the scheduling to give team Infinity more time to prepare and adjust to the time difference.

The scheduling change will see matches that were originally scheduled for Day 1 being switched with Day 2 matches and Day 3 swapped with Day 4 matches.

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How To Watch LoL Worlds 2018

You can watch the LoL Worlds 2018 from any of the following links:- Riot Games’ official Twitch Channel, League Esports YouTube channel or lol esports website.

The Worlds will run all the way through October until 3rd November starting with the play-in stage that is being held in South Korea’s capital Seoul, within the new LoL Park arena. This is being played right now until the 4th of October when all teams taking part will have a day break to fine-tune their skills. After each team has rested, they will battle it out for the next couple of days we will get to see which 4 teams will advance to the main group stage.

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 South Korea Seoul LoL Park

Each team will travel southeast of Seoul to Busan where the Group Stage will take place. This will run from the 10th October and will play through to 17th October when we will have our quarterfinalists.

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 South Korea Busan

On the 27th October, the Semi-finalists will head to Gwangju to battle it out to see who will reach the finals of the Worlds 2018 eSports tournament.

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 South Korea Gwangju

A few days later we will see which of the two finalists will hoist the trophy in Incheon at the Incheon Munhak Stadium and become League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Champion. The final showdown is scheduled for the 3rd of November.

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 South Korea Incheon

You can see the scheduling of each stage below.

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Calendar

A quick reminder of the League Of Legends Worlds 2018 format.


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