3 Days left to claim your Trilogy of Batman Arkham and trilogy of Lego Batman computer games

The creators of Fortnite are continuing to drive users to their own dedicated launcher by offering users two trilogies of Batman games. One bundle contains the Batman Arkham Series, Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Knight. The next bundle consists of a trilogy of Lego Batman, Lego Batman: The Videogame, Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and Batman 3 Beyond Gotham. Yours to claim for Free within the Epic Games Store.

Users will only have until 26th September to claim the Batman titles for Free where it will then resume back to normal prices of $47.99.

Batman Bundles you have purchased will always be available to download within the Epic launcher and keep forever.

Epic Games Batman Arkham Bundle

Players will enjoy playing as the Dark Knight in the 2009 released hit game where Batman archenemy, The Joker has seize control of Arkham Asylum and set loose a number of incarcerated foes.

The harrowing story continues on with Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight that spans over years of violent crimes and bloodshed inside Gotham City walls. Using Bruce Wayne detectives skills, Combat Training and a whole list of gadgets, can the billionaire and his alter ego as the cape crusader save Gotham.

Epic Games Lego Batman Bundle

Aimed towards the younger generations and is a far less serious approach with a series of light-hearted slapstick humour, puzzles and combat style fighting. Especially, when playing co-op with your friends or family.

Lego Batman also features characters from the Justice League and some of the lesser-known villains whom you can control once you have unlocked their respective costumes.

How to claim your Free Epic Games Batman Games?

To claim your both trilogies of Batman Games, first, you open the Epic Games launcher and sign in to your account.

Click on the Store Icon located on the left-hand side of the launcher. (Underneath the Home button). Instantly you should be able to see Epic Games exclusive offer of both Batman Bundles.

Epic Games Free Batman Games Promotion Banner
Epic Games Free Batman Games Promotion

Click on the left image “6 Free Batman Games”

Choose either Batman Arkham or Batman Lego which will take you the bundle details screen. This screen will list all the games included within the bundle.

Follow the on-screen prompts and proceed with checkout. You will notice the price is set to 0.00 so you will not be charged for the transaction.

The game is then added to your library where you can download whenever you wish to play.

You will need to repeat the process to claim the other Batman Bundle. Hurry, as there are only 3 days left before the offer expires.