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It Is Time to Say Goodbye to Twisted Treeline [League Of Legends]

First alternative game mode to League Of Legends Summoner’s Rift is sadly coming to an end

Riot Games has recently announced that their first permanent alternative game mode to Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline has now been given an expiration date. The once-popular choice where players can experience a faster pace to that of Summoner’s Rift is now not so popular.

Twisted Treeline has the same objectives as Summoner’s Rift where the first team to destroy their enemy Nexus, wins. However, the Twisted Treeline map is shorter and has two-lane instead of three, making it much faster gameplay and the match time considerably shorter.

Due to the change of pace, Twisted Treeline had a different meta. Players were able to use favourite champions that are weak on Summoner’s Rift on the alternative game mode.

Nevertheless, all of these positive highlights of the game mode is still not enough to save it.

Long queue times and poor matching making are one of the main reasons for Twisted Treeline axe. Other reasons consist of the game mode needed to be freshened up with constant updates. Balancing champions, tweaks made to items and the game mode itself, like the constant attention Summoner’s Rift have.

In 2012, Twisted Treeline did have a redesign, adding new items, map changes, etc. in the hopes of getting more players playing on it. However, Riot Games have been monitoring the numbers but due to the lack of growth from previous efforts, Riot Games have been less inclined to give Twisted Treeline an ARAM-esque level of support to bring it up to standard.

In conclusion, Riot Games feels it is the appropriate time to end the long-running game mode and focus their attention elsewhere such as their newest game mode Teamfight Tactics (TFT). Due to the level of demands, TFT has now become a permanent game mode.

When does Twisted Treeline End?

The permanent game mode will end at the end of LoL Season 9. Players will still be able to earn end of season rewards for playing Twisted Treeline. Finishing Gold or higher will earn you the traditional Victorious Skin, however, there will not be unique Chroma for the game mode.


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Fenyő István Tamás
Fenyő István Tamás
7 months ago

Too bad we’ll have to find an other game, but untill that we’ll have 10GB+ more space on disk, and may find something more fun to to with the sudden increase of spare time.

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