Riot Games will release 5 new Pajama Guardian Skins, Ezreal, Lulu, Lux, Miss Fortune and Soraka. A slumber party is not a slumber party without pyjamas!

Hard at work and preparing for the season end, Riot Games has released a whole bunch of skins on the League Of Legends PBE server. Joining the Coven Skins are five champions who are still in their pyjamas. Pajama Guardian Ezreal, Pajama Guardian Lulu, Pajama Guardian Lulu, Pajama Guardian Miss fortune and Pajama Guardian Soraka.

Each of the five champions already owns a Star Guardian Skin with the Pajama Guardian skin being a pyjama version of the skin.

Star Guardian Miss Fortune Star Guardian Ezreal Star Guardian Soraka Star Guardian Lux Star Guardian Lulu Artwork lol

Check out each individual Pajama Guardian skin below.

Pajama Guardian Ezreal

Pajama Guardian Lulu

Pajama Guardian Lux

Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune

Pajama Guardian Soraka[

The Pajama Guardian skin is likely to be available in the next LoL patch. LoL patches are typically biweekly so you can expect to see them within a week or so.

What Pajama skin is your favourite and do you think we will see more pyjama related skins?? Let us know in the comments below.