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Keep things rolling with the New Baller Vehicle [Fortnite Patch v8.10]

The hamsterball like-vehicle is now available in Fortnite and has a Grappling Hook attached. Turning yourself into one giant pinball

Fortnite Patch v8.10 has arrived that has added new changes, bug fixes, new content and more. The hamster ball vehicle that was spotted in the new loading screen when Fortnite season 8 began is now live in Fortnite, known as The Baller. Having its very own Grappling Hook, you will be able to perform unbelievable feats with the newest vehicle addition to Battle Royale!

The Baller

Fortnite The Baller Vehicle Season 8 Patch v8.10
The Baller – Fortnite | Epic Games

Fortnite’s latest vehicle contains only one seat therefore; The Baller can solely occupy one person at a time. However, the lack of a seat makes up the fact you will have access to The Baller’s Grappling Hook that is attached to the front of the vehicle. Just like the weapon, the Grappling Hook fires a plunger that sticks to virtually any structure in the game and flings you to the location where your Grappling Hook has landed.

Similar to most vehicles within Fortnite Battlegrounds, The Baller has a boost functionality to help propel yourself up cliffs, trees or even swinging on some football goal posts.

The Baller doesn’t suffer from any fall damage, however, it is vulnerable to enemy weapon fire. It will have 300 health points to help you sustain some fire, presenting you a chance to roll out and fling yourself to the skies.

Vending Machines

Fortnite Patch v8.10 Vending Machines
Vending Machines – Fortnite Patch v8.10

The vending machines in Fortnite have been changed as it currently provides you with free weapons, but you can’t just go ahead and grab yourself unlimited amounts of weapons. No, it will be destroyed after you claim your weapon of choice.

Common and Uncommon Vending Machines, increasing the likely hood you will receive a decently powerful weapon except for one Legendary weapon. Legendary Mounted Turret has been removed from the Legendary vending machines altogether.

The change is most likely due to Fortnite reducing the number of materials you can hold. From 999 to 500 for each metal, stone and wood.

Choose wisely…


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