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Since the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, promising players have known that hidden somewhere inside the game a Mythic Goldfish weapon floated patiently. When fishing you just require a tonne of good fortune to reel it in.

The Mythic Goldfish (actually a shiny goldfish trophy) is intended to be tossed at enemies and if adequately landed, erase them from the game in a single hit. It is naturally supposed to intentionally cause a clean 200 damage, which is sufficient to one-shot even a player with full health and shield. Users had discovered the item in the files of the game together with the achievement of being killed by it. But until now, no one had published sufficient evidence of discovering one.

Fans had begun to say the item was clearly not yet available with some conviction. But in the exclusive clip below, BlakeBenbow presents r / FortniteBR with the very first video evidence of a Mythic Goldfish-after hilariously being killed by one.

The unlucky BlakeBenbow seems to be busy partying, not realizing there is a close enemy wielding a Mythic Goldfish. Let’s take a look.

And there we are-the Mythic Goldfish lives, and the in-game accomplishment of being instantly destroyed by one is now for certain available.

The unstoppable trophy seems to correctly be an exceptionally rare drop judging by how long it took somebody to upload the first video proof. Which is great, because things didn’t go so well the last time Epic Games added a one-off Mythic product into Fortnite. Eyes on you Infinity Blade!