Fortnite faces stiff competition, and it is set to get more even tougher

Reports from a well-known mobile analytics firm, Sensor Tower who specialises in analysing data, giving insights to its user on the mobile app ecosystem, have verified from recent data that the mobile version of popular battle Royale genre games is continuing to thrive.

Fortnite combined with other popular titles such as PUBG, Knives Out, Garena Free Fire and Rules of Survival have totalled to a mass of $2 billion revenue in less than two years. Leading the packs is not what everyone would expect, Knives Out beats Fortnite as the top-grossing mobile Battle Royale game.

Mobile Battle Royale Games Revenue Totals Sensor Tower PUBG Mobile, Knives Out, Garena Free Fire, Rules of Survival and Fortnite
Statistics showing top-grossing mobile Battle Royale Games

From the chart, you can see Knives Out has estimated revenue of $643.4M (Million) with Fortnite falling short with $630.4M and PUBG Mobile almost $200 million in third. Two remaining spot comprises of two unfamiliar battle royale games Garena Free Fire taking the fourth spot with $252.M and Rules of Survival with $96.6M.

One major advantage Fortnite and PUBG have over the other games is that they can be played on other major platforms like the PS4, PC, etc. Instead of being only accessible to the mobile community so you would expect them to be popular and perform well. Therefore, it has come as a surprise to learn that Knives Out outperforms both PUBG and Fortnite.

Further analysis shows that the combined player spending of these five game titles is up by 63 percent compared to the last quarter of 2018 with PUBG leading the pack.

Statics show results from IOS devices only.

Soon there will be further competition as EA Apex Legends is set to release their mobile version of their popular game. Apex Legends took the world by storm when it grew to 50 million player base within a month. However, the initial hype has died and have shown a growing decline of users.

Apex Legends is hoping with the release of its mobile version of the game that it can attract more users and gather back some of the momentum it has lost since its release.