New Krampus Junkrat has been unveiled before the Winter Wonderland Begins

Junkrat is the latest champion in Overwatch to receive the Winter Wonderland Skin, Krampus Junkrat. The newly teased skin is the seventh winter-theme skin ahead of the Winter Wonderland Event that will commence on the 11th of December. Krampus Junkrat is seen wearing the famous red suit.

Krampus Junkrat

Junkrat is seen ditching his old clothes and donning his own version of the Santa suit. Minus the red hat and white hair

Krampus Junkrat Is The Latest Winter Wonderland Skin To Be Revealed Overwatch Original
Original Junkrat – Overwatch | Blizzard
Krampus Junkrat Is The Latest Winter Wonderland Skin To Be Revealed Overwatch Krampus Junkrat
Krampus Junkrat – Overwatch | Blizzard

Like the previous two leaked Winter Wonderland skins, Snowboarder Zarya, Arctic Fox Lucio, Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy, Biathlon Widowmaker, Gift Wrap Bastion and Figure Skater Symmetra, the teased video was shared on Overwatch official Twitter page. Once more it is a very short clip.

This may be the last of the Winter Wonderland skins as the event will begin tomorrow. Unless Blizzard will announce another winter-themed skin as soon as the event starts or releases additional skins during the event. The event will last right through the rest of December until 2nd January. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities to release more Winter Wonderland skins. Fingers crossed!

You can check the other Winter Wonderland skin that will be joining Krampus Junkrat from the following links below.

Which of the several teased Winter Wonderland Skins are you excited to see?