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League Of Legends Best Support: Climbing The Ranks

Our Pick Of The Top 5 Supports Within League Of Legends

Our League Of Legends Best Support picks will get you climbing the ranks in no time at all. Find out why these best support picks are selected above the rest.

League of legends best support picks guide will cover what we consider the top 5 support champions within League Of Legends right now. Outlining several key points on why each support has been chosen.

A support champion is vital for your teammates and can help overturn the outcome of a game at any point, providing lane stability, map awareness and protection to your allies. They are normally equipped with protection and crowd control skills to help provide the necessary protection for your allies and thwarting the enemies attack, intervening whenever an ally struggles.

With their disruptive skills, they can control and manipulate many situations and are able to make high-risk decisions that can affect the outcome of the game. These crucial decisions depend on your team’s strategy on whether to defend or to attack at a moment’s notice.

Being Defensive

A defensive situation is using a crowd control skill to prevent your opposition to carry out their plan of attack. This involves any of the following; knock-ups, rooting, stunning or any skills that can immobilise the enemy depending on your support champion unique skills.

Being Aggressive

An attacking scenario involves coordinating with your teammates to divide and immobilise the enemy. Most situations you will need the support from your teammate. You have the necessary crowd control skills to control your enemies’ movements but will lack the damage to finish the enemy off. This is where your teammate that taking over your duties as support, steps in and finishes the job.

Typically, the support champion is joined at the hip with your teammate’s AD(Attack Damage) Carry. Wherever your ADC goes the support champion should be not too far behind, to provide the all-round protection they need. ADC provides your team with the best source of damage and is the top priority for your enemies to eliminate. There is a downside for the ADC for being so strong is that they are very squishy, so you must guard them with your life.

Extra Duties

Other duties that are normally associated with being a support champion is to provide your allies with vision and improving map awareness through the use of wards.

Our Top 5 League Of Legends Best Support

Morgana – Fallen Angel

League Of Legends Bewitching Morgana Splash Artwork

Morgana provides multiple uses of crowd control with her Dark Binding (Q Skill) and Soul Shackles (R skill) to completely immobilise the enemy. She is able to control many situations by separating enemies clustered in a group due to her skill Soul Shackles. Not only is Soul Shackles a crowd control skill, but it’s also an AOE (Area Of Effect) skill that can root multiple enemies at once. Enemies will run at the fear of being rooted and being picked off by Morgana’s teammates. Time this right you will be able to swing any game in your favour.

One of the most recommended items for Morgana is the Zhonyas hourglass as your Soul Shackles will still be active when in Zhonays state. Leaving you protected from the group of enemies.

Black Shield

As well of having crowd control abilities, Morgana can place a black shield on her allies which has two useful properties. First of all, it provides a shield from AP(Ability Power) attacks and secondly, it can nullify any crowd control abilities bestowed upon the protected champion. When a crowd control skill has been casted on the black shield, it will dissipate.

Skill Combinations

Tormented Soil is Morgana’s W skill that provides AOE damage to anyone within the area. On its own, it is not that effective but combining it with the power of Dark Binding skill you will be able to take a huge chunk of the enemies life.

With the right combination of moves, Morgana can lock down enemies whilst providing devastating damage of her own that make her a very worthy support and the reason she is included as one of our League Of Legends best support.

Thresh- The Chain Warden

League Of Legends Blood Moon Thresh Splash Artwork

One champion that was an easy decision to be listed of League Of Legends Best Support is Thresh.

Thresh is probably one of the strongest supports you can have on League Of Legends, combining his crowd control skills and lantern to dictate any scenario.

Out of all the supports, Thresh probably has the most difficult learning curve in which you need to read the game carefully and have very sharp awareness, not just your own but your allies as well. If you excel with Thresh, then you should have no problem in climbing the ranks.

Death Sentence

Death Sentence (Q skill) in most cases is true to its word, however, the skill is difficult to land. If you manage to land the skillshot on the enemy, Death Sentence will hook the enemy pulling them closer to you with no resistance from the enemy. As you are normally accompanied by your ADC, they will be able to take down the enemy before they can even respond. This is one area that Thresh shines as one of League Of Legends best support.

Dark Passage

Remember earlier where I mentioned you need to have very sharp awareness? This is where Dark Passage(W skill) comes into play and defines whether you are a great Thresh player. Even though Dark Passage gives his allies a shield, it is never really used in that situation. Dark Passage acts as a leash in which your allies can cling on and return to your side. There are numerous ways you can execute Dark Passage to your advantage, one way is to throw the skill outside where the fight has broken out to bring your allies right in the middle of the fight. Or you can use it to pull Allies out of the fight if they need the help and potentially saving their lives. At all times you must check your surroundings for all possible outcomes to give your side the best advantage you can give.

Another effective situation is landing your Death Sentence whilst using your Dark Passage to bring allies in to secure the kill.


Flay is Thresh E skill that can do two things, knock enemies away that get too close to you or your allies or use it bring them closer to you to help you secure the kill. This is very effective when using on enemies that use a dash skill to interrupt their combo and prevent any harm come to your team. You can even use this in conjunction with Death Sentence to immobilise your enemies longer and prevent them from escaping.

The Box

Lastly, Thresh has his ultimate skill which is ‘The Box’ which cast a pentagon shape prison to ensnare enemies that are surrounding him. Enemies that make contact to any of the walls are slowed to a snail’s pace. You can use Thresh Flay to knock them into the walls if you enemies are being too cautious. Try a combination of Thresh moves and execute in different situations to get the best out of Thresh.

The possibilities are endless and you now probably can understand why Thresh is top of his class as one of League Of Legends best supports but if you execute his skills poorly, then you might hand your opponents with a victory.

Sona – Maven Of Strings

League of Legends Sweetheart Sona Splash Artwork

Sona is included in our League Of Legends best support list as she is one of the easiest supports you can play yet still has useful utilities. To provide an example of how easy her learning curve is, just one of Sona skills is a skill shot. The rest of Sona skills rely on you pressing the skills when you are within range of a champion. You do not have to target the champion, just press the skill you would like to use and it will process the skill.[/vc_column_text]


Heals And Shields

Her main asset is to provide constant healing and shields to her allies keeping them in the lane and fights longer. Aria Of Perseverance is Sona W skill that has two functions which provide both healing and shielding. When an ally is close by, pressing W will heal yourself and nearby wounded allies. Not only will it heal it will create an aura around Sona, any allies that are within the aura also gains a temporary shield.

Song Of Celerity

Song Of Celerity (E Skill) is similar to Aria Of Perseverance with small minor differences. It grants movement speed to allies instead of healing. An aura is created when the skill is cast that gives allies bonus movement speed on their next attack.

So far, fairly easy wouldn’t you agree?

Hymn Of Valor

Sona Q (Hymn Of Valor) skill differs from the previous two support champions as this skill focuses on damaging enemies. This skill still requires a minimal amount of effort like the previous two skills mentioned as you need to be close to enemies and bolts will find their target. This skill can hit up to two nearby enemies. Again it creates an aura and this time, grants allies bonus damage to allies that are inside the aura.[/vc_column_text]



Lastly, Sona Ultimate Crescendo is an AOE Linear skillshot. This is the only difficult part of Sona mechanics. Morgana’s Ultimate skill is also an AOE, but it’s a circular skill just like Sona Q skill. The enemy only needs to be within your radius of the spell and the skill will hit them. However, the linear skillshot requires more precision as the enemy has to be within the width of your skill to be hit. Crescendo stuns any enemy caught with the spell and due to the particle speed of the skill it very easy to hit enemies.

Alistar – The Minotaur

League of Legends Hextech Alistar Splash Artwork

Our first melee support and the only one included in our top 5 League Of Legends best support guide. Alistar is more of a tanky support that gets up close and personal and with the right combination of skills, he is able to bully his way through the lanes setting up crucial kills.

Pulverize And Headbutt

Alistar composition is all about the timing of his Pulverize(Q Skill) and Headbutt (W skill). Time this right and you are able to split and segregate enemies so your allies can pick them off. Failing this can result in some embarrassing moments and may cost you the game. Pulverize smashes the causing damage in the area whilst knocking up enemies and Headbutt as the name suggest headbutt the enemies and knocks them back. Depending on the situation you can do a Q>W combo or W>Q.

A situation where you would do a Q>W combo is when you want to pick an enemy and knock them into a group of allies so they can pick up a kill. You will need to be in close range of the enemy and cast pulverize, you would need to position yourself to knock back the enemy with Headbutt and aim where you would like them to be. The Knock up doesn’t last long so you will need to get into position quickly.

W>Q is when you when to try to stun the enemy in its place or trying to stun a group of enemies to set up a wombo combo. You may wonder how would the enemy be stunned in its place when you are using the knock-back spell first? It’s all about the timing, as soon as you press Q skill, you will see Alistar dash forward while he is dashing, quickly press the Q and it will knock the enemy up stunning them. If you fail to hit Q skill at the right time, you might end up knocking the enemy back and saving their life.

With this combo alone has made our decision to select Alistar to be included in our League Of Legends best support top 5.


Trample (E Skill) is a self-buff skill that allows Alistar to ignore minion collisions so you can reach the enemy you are chasing. This is useful as it enables you to get close to the enemy and perform the Pulverize skill. Trample also creates a pulsating circle around Alistar damaging anything caught in its radius. When the Trample skill is active, any damage you do to an enemy puts a stack on them, this is visible by an image of a chain link above their head. At full stacks (image of chain links are completely filled in) Alistar next basic attack will stun the enemy. Using Trample with Q and W skill will help to pull off the combo easier and hopefully give you the advantage to win the match.

Unbreakable Will

Unbreakable Will (R skill) allows you to remove all crowd control effects on himself. While activated you receive reduced damage from enemies. This enables you to dive right in the middle of the fight, hopefully taking all the focus from your team soaking up damage. If Alistar takes all the focus, this will leave your teammates free to deal damage and hopefully swings the advantage in your corner.

Combine this with all his other skills makes Alistar a force to be reckoned with, dividing enemy for easy kills or knocking them back to protect your team.

Nami – The Tidecaller

League Of Legends River Spirit Nami Splash Artwork

Nami is the last champion that makes our League of Legends best support top 5. She is up there with the very best that provides multiple AOE crowd control skills whilst causing damage that heals your allies. Due to her skill set, Nami is one of the most popular champions that is picked.

Aqua Prison

Similar to Thresh, Morgana and Alistar, Aqua Prison (Q skills) is a crowd control skill that can change the course of the game. This skill sends a bubble to a target area and if enemies get hit with the bubble, it will suck them up in the air immobilised, unable to fight. What gives the skill the edge over the other support champion, is that Aqua Prison can hit multiple enemies at once. Therefore, it has the potential to immobilize the whole enemy team, which is a huge advantage if you succeed.

Ebb And Flow

Just as important as Aqua Prison, Ebb And Flow (W skill) will provide lane stability with the skill healing features. This can be casted on enemies or allies, unleashing a stream of water that bounces back and forth. The bounce is determined by how far away the champions and whether it has hit an ally or enemy. Ebb And Flow cannot bounce from ally to ally, it must go to ally then enemy then back to ally or if you cast an enemy first, it will need to go to the enemy to ally back to the enemy and so on. If the Ebb And Flow hit an ally, it will heal them for a portion of their health, if the skill hits an enemy then they will be dealt damage.

Casting Ebb and Flow in the middle of a team fight the skill can hit multiple enemies and multiple allies which can be decisive and help you claim victory.

Another effective combo is to cast Aqua Prison first to ensure it immobilises the enemy so they cannot get out of range for Ebb And Flow to maximise Ebb And Flow full potential.

Tidecaller’s Blessing

Tidecaller’s Blessing is Nami E skill that is cast on allies to give their Auto Attack some extra damage boost. Not only does it provide extra damage, but It also gives allies the ability to slow down anyone they hit.

If Tidecaller’s Blessing is cast before Aqua Prison, due to the slowdown you will have a higher success rate of landing Aqua Prison providing good synergy.

Tidal Wave

Nami’s ultimate is another multiple crowd control skill and as the name suggests causes a huge tidal wave that knocks up, slows and damages enemies. With Tidal Wave, Nami can strategically split and divide the enemy teams to your team advantage. If they try to escape, your team can pick off the vulnerable ones or they can run the risk of being caught that allows your team to pounce once they are immobilised.

If you combine all her skills and manage to land her Aqua Prison skill often, then you should fair well when trying to climb the ranks. Nami skill set ensures that she is the queen of our League Of Legends best support.

Is there anyone you think that deserves a top 5 spot in this League Of Legends best support guide, If so, who would you replace?

Let us know from any of our social networks or leave a comment below.


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