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League Of Legends: Client and Death Recap Overhaul With New Update

The useless Death Recap is set to be not so useless with big updates coming to League of Legends in patch v9.14. Plus, a new chromium built client is in the works that boast major speed improvements and more

New001, lead producer for Riot Games League Of Legends gives updates of some of the much-needed improvements coming soon to LoL. In a video posted over at League of Legends Nexus, New001 shares with us the brand-new look of what the new Client update will look like and the new overhaul design of Death Recap. After all, the Death Recap was as much use as a wet blanket.

LoL Client Update

Client Update 2019 League Of Legends
Client Update 2019 – League Of Legends

The new client is being completely rewritten in a new modern version of Chromium. Typically, with all updates, it comes with stability, improved performance and better security. The sufficient reason for the delay is League Of Legends were still continuing support of older versions of Windows, we are looking at you Windows XP. However, the developers have now since deprecated the support for the formerly popular Windows operating system.

Current Client Screen League Of Legends
Current Client Screen – League Of Legends

Now the barriers have been lifted, the use of new modern technology can promptly begin to naturally provide a better and improved client.

“We’re sorry for how long it’s taken us to make improvements here but you can expect us to make meaningful progress shortly.”


The team have achieved significant improvements to LoL patching and how it works, installing LoL updates more reliable and much faster and efficient. In direct comparison, the old client averages around 8 minutes to install and apply LoL latest patches but the new client have reduced the average time to less than 40 seconds. Furthermore, later on in the year, the developers are hoping to roll out further enhancements such as background patching.

Client Update Log In Screen League Of Legends 2019
Client Update Log In Screen – League Of Legends

Security is set to be beefed up with the welcome addition of 2-factor authentication, carefully keeping your League Of Legends accounts safe and more secure than ever.

Client Update Sign In Flow Screen League Of Legends 2019
Client Update Sign In Flow Screen – League Of Legends

LoL Death Recap Update

Death Recap Update 2019 League Of Legends
Death Recap Update 2019 – League Of Legends

One of the most frustrating parts of League of Legends is the Death Recap feature. It records your death, providing statistical information about how you died. However, the information is rather vague and inaccurate and therefore it is to no use to anyone whatsoever.

Here is an example of the current Death Recap.

Current Death Recap Screen League Of Legends
Current Death Recap Screen – League Of Legends

It can only show you a maximum of three damage sources, the killer and if there any assists, then it will show you who aided the killer. However, if you look closely at the amount of each source of damage dealt to you, it doesn’t tell you what you really need to know. Who was the main source of damage, what was it caused by?

All source of damages totals to 30%, so what happened to the other 70%? This is the major flaw of the Death Recap and why it is so useless. It only provides you up to the last three damage sources you received in the moments of your death.

You want to know who dealt the biggest blow so you can build and put defensive strategies in place to counter them. From the data you have just received, the damage sources could be the weakest and no threat to you at all.

Well hopefully that is all about to change, as New001 has showed a brief clip of the new Death Recap update.

The Death Recap overhaul is set to be informative, easier to read and by the looks of it, accurate. Showing 100% of all damage received upon death.

It will split up each damage into sections, detailing how much magic damage, physical damage and true damage you received from each damage source and the action that caused the damage. Furthermore, it will provide a summary of damage totals making it cleaner and easier to understand.

When is the new Death Recap coming to LoL?

The expected release of the Death Recap update is to be rolled out during League of Legends patch v.9.14.


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