League of Legends Season 10 starts tomorrow, and Riot’s released another flashy musical cinematic video to enthusiastically celebrate a new year and a new season. The animated video features plenty of combat fighting and a new cover of Imagine Dragons ‘ Warriors originally made for the 2014 World Championship League of Legends. Check out the video below.

Various recognized champions from the game like Sylas, Vi, Garen, Urgot, Lux, and Caitlyn are featured throughout the video. Even if you’re not much of a League of Legends fan, the video is undoubtedly impressive with its beautiful visuals and Riots stunning style.

League of Legends Warriors 2020 Wallpapers

The ranked League of Legends season is set to kick off tomorrow, and this year carries a number of game changes. The biggest changes this year directly came to Summoner’s Rift, with the legendary map now seeing drastic changes in just about every game. Furthermore, dragons have been transformed dramatically, and are hopefully now much more essential than ever before.

Over the next week, Riot will be releasing many sneak peeks of what players can expect in 2020. These are expected to cover champions updates, Skins, Teamfight Tactics Set 3, TFT Mobile and much more including Riots’ new game Legends of Runeterra.