Halloween skins and the themed intro is coming to patch 8.21 along with K/DA skins.

Halloween is soon upon us, a tradition that goes back thousands of years and celebrated around the world.

It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced as Sow-in) which marked the day where spirits of the dead can walk on the earth. People would light bonfires or dress up in costumes to ward off ghosts and spirits.

Halloween has evolved into a day where people celebrate the spirits and the supernatural by dressing up into the scariest creature or characters they can think of. Witches, ghosts, vampires, zombies or scary movie-themed characters like Freddy Kruger are just some examples.

Different activities are associated with Halloween such as trick-or-treating, carving jack-o’-lanterns and festival gatherings.

League of Legends is getting ready for Halloween by releasing Halloween theme content with three new skins to celebrate this holiday. Bewitching Jannah, Count Kledula and Trick Or Treat Ekko skins with matching splash art. Fans will be happy as this will be Kled first skin since Riot Games released Kled in League Of Legends.

Bewitched Janna

League Of Legends Bewitching Janna Artwork
Count Kledula

League Of Legends Count Kledula Artwork
Trick Or Treat Ekko

League Of Legends Trick Or Treat Ekko Artwork
These skins were part of the leaked skins a few weeks back where we got a glimpse of the three Halloween themed skins and the K/DA skins. The K/DA skins are associated with the Worlds and set to be released alongside the Halloween skins.

When will the skins be available?

The skins should be available with patch 8.21. The current live version of League Of Legends is Patch 8.20 so we should see them by next week. Just in time for the Halloween holidays which is on October 31st.

Halloween Themed Intro

There is also a new video intro to mark the end of the worlds 2018 tournament and the beginning of the Tales from the rift event.

Uploaded by Youtuber – frostyNinja

The video intro looks like an alternative version of the Worlds intro. Minor differences with this version is that bats are flying around the world championship trophy with flying pumpkins all over the screen.