Esports takes a major step forward by announcing Riot Games’ League of Legends becoming the first and official high school Esport in the US. The Newly Sanctioned activity with the NFHS will start sometime in fall 2018.

Why Esports Being Sanctioned?

Esports have shown that students are having a positive outcome on their education when they have taken part in structured Esports activities. Students are achieving higher GPA (Grade Point Average), forming stronger bonds as a team and taking more of an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

These types of skills are essential to succeed in traditional sports and therefore can be adopted and will be required in Esports.

How Will IT Be Managed?

PlayVS will be the platform for high school Esports. They will handle all Scheduling, organizing and logistics that go into Esports league and will help streamline students gameplay. They aim to bring the act of gaming from home to the campus to compete.

Each School who wishes to participate will need to follow a six-step process to help guide and facilitate their school. Equipment will need to be updated to help run League Of Legends at optimum capacity. An IT Staff member will need to be involved to install League Of Legends on all computers if they wish to compete.

To cover the cost of the equipment upgrades, a one-time payment can be made to Esports roughly every four years. Thanks to PlayVS they are able to keep the costs as low as possible due to their established relationships with vendors.

Students who wish to participate will need to pay a fee. There are current 3 different tariffs for the payment scheme. Pay monthly for $16, Seasonally for $60 or annually for $160.

When Will The Activity Take Place?

Esport will be played in two seasons. The first season to be played from October until January and the second seasons from February until May. This is all been approved by the governing state association.

How Will It Work?

There are three segments, preseason, regular season and postseason, with both preseason and regular season playing at the regional level.

Preseasons is straightforward as this will be the period where you will fine tune all your skills and practice your craft.

Regular seasons, teams can compete for a spot in the playoffs with each state divided into four conferences.

Postseasons are for the all top teams that will face off in a single-elimination battle. The final two teams will compete to see who will be crowned state champion.

Check here for full details on rules and how your school can participate in the sport.