Riot accidentally leaked new upcoming skins from their own League Of Legends website. A Reddit user who goes by the name as MaorelionKai, quickly snapped them up which were visible on the homepage and posted them on Reddit for the world to see. The links have now been removed but it hasn’t stopped Reddit users from spreading the images around the web.

If you were unfortunate and you didn’t manage to see the skins, here is the image of the skins that was leaked by MaorelionKai.

League Of Legends Kha'Zix Janna Kai'Sa Leaked Skin

The first image is the Championship Kha’Zix skin which is not such a surprise as currently, the skin is available on the PBE server.

The second skin appears to be a Halloween skin for the champion Janna who is dressed as a witch for the occasion, with Janna’s staff changed to a broom.

Is there a Halloween event on the horizon?

Lastly, the final skin appears to Kai’Sa. Several users confirming the identity by the champion stance and her wings. The stance is identical to Kai’Sa, with users quick to point out that her wings are for when Kai‘Sa upgrades her skills.

Second Leak

Shortly afterwards, this time Twitter user woosimhun3849 leaked even more images of upcoming skins that will make an appearance in League Of Legends.

The images are quite small sizes and harder to identify at first, but it appears users were in agreement on the identities each of the champions.

Check out the second leak of skins

The time the skins have the same theme across the four champions so will likely be all released at the same time?

Will there be another event?

Kai’Sa has made an appearance again which confirms the identity in the first lot of leaked skins.

Ahri is easily identified by her iconic nine tails and charm (hearts)

Evenlynn is the one sitting on the car in which you can see her demonic lashers protruding from her back and into the foreground of the image.

The Last champion of the leaked skin was not as easily identified as the previous champions, however, you can notice it is Akali by the weapons she is holding.

At first look, users only noticed the kama (Sickle-like weapon) in her right hand but if you look closely to her left hand, you can see she is concealing her kunai (Japanese tool and weapon derived from the masonry trowel which only ninjas wield)

Let us know what you think of the new skins that have been leaked.