Coming to this patch is the Pool Party event with exclusive content up for grabs. Pool Party Skins, Emotes and more can be purchased or rewarded through Hextech Chest, Capsules or Orbs. The event also brings new themed missions in which you can grab yourself an event theme Icon upon completion and many other goodies.

Caitlyn, Gangplank, Rek’Sai, Taric and Zoe are caught in this year’s summer fever, with each champion receiving a chroma version in addition to their pool party skin.

Pool Party Skins

League Of Legends Pool Party Mission Event Feature

Akali Rework

The arrival of the new Akali rework is available during patch 8.15. It brings updated skins, model and an exciting new moves set. She’s faster, stealthier and deadlier in a true assassin-style fashion.

Akali E skill has been changed into a dashing move similar to her ultimate. You can dash and flip around like a ninja earlier on in games, unlike her previous version you would need to wait until level 6 until you can dash.

Another skill that has been redesigned is Akali Q skill. You now can aim 5 deadly kunai in a narrow arc at your foes to help keep them at arm’s length waiting for the right time to pounce.

The W and R skill have small alterations from her previous W and R skills. Akali W skill is altered so you are stealthier than ever, you are now completely hidden from turrets, so expect a lot more tower dives. Visuals are updated to suit her assassin nature, a smoke ring is displayed instead of the pink dome-shaped shroud. You can also combine the smoke ring with her E (dashing skill) to dash into stealth, making your game-play more exciting and diverse. The R skill has been changed to a skillshot instead of a targeted skill. This allows you to fly in and damage to multiple targets that stand in your way.

Lastly, Akali passive skill sees her gain a speed boost and extra damage to help secure her kills.

Let’s take a look at Akali new abilities in more detail.

Passive: Assassin’s Mark

Damaging a champion with an ability creates a ring around them. When the ring forms, Akali gains a burst of movement speed towards it. Once she crosses the ring, Akali gains another burst of movement speed towards the enemy.

Crossing the ring also empowers her kama, which increases the range and damage of her next attack. This attack also restores a small amount of energy.

Q: Five Point Strike

Akali throws five kunai in a narrow arc, damaging enemies directly in front of her and slowing those at maximum range.

If cast with nearly full energy, Akali heals for a percentage of the damage.

At rank 5, Five Point Strike deals extra damage to minions and monsters.

W: Twilight Shroud

Akali restores energy and creates a cloud of smoke, which slowly spreads to cover a ring-shaped area. While in the smoke, Akali is obscured and has increased movement speed.

While obscured, Akali is stealthed and though her position can be revealed, Akali herself can’t be—meaning she can’t be targeted by abilities or attacks, including by turrets.

Akali can leave the smoke a few times to extend the duration of Twilight Shroud by a small amount.

E: Shuriken Flip

Akali backflips and throws a shuriken forward, damaging and marking the first enemy hit. The shuriken can also hit and mark the smoke from Twilight Shroud.

Akali can reactivate Shuriken Flip to dash to the marked target, damaging enemies she passes through.

R: Perfect Execution

Akali dashes up to two times, with a slight delay between. The first dash deals physical damage and briefly stuns, while the second dash deals magic damage based on the missing health of the enemy.

Champion Changes

League Of Legends Fizz Title Patch

W – Seastone Trident

Active Base Damage: 40/50/60/70/80  50/70/90/110/130

Active Damage Ratio: 0.4 ability power⇒ 0.6 ability power

On-hit Damage Ratio:   0.3 ability power  0.4 ability power

R – Chum the Waters

Guppy Damage Ratio: 0.6 ability power ⇒ 0.9ability power

Chomper Damage Ratio: 0.9 ability power⇒ 1.1 ability power

Gigalodon:   1.2 ability power  1.3 ability power

League Of Legends Irelia Title Patch

Base stats

Attack Damage: 6063

Health: 550580

Passive – Ionian Fervor

Damage Per Stack: 1-12 (at levels 1-18)  4-17 (at levels 1-18)

Q – Bladesurge

Range: 625 ⇒ 600

Base Damage: 10/30/50/70/90  5/25/45/65/85

Damage Ratio: 0.7 total attack damage  0.6 total attack damage

W – Defiant Dance

Damage Reduction: 45/50/55/60/65% 50%

E – Flawless Duet

Rangee: 900 850

Base Damage: 80/120/160/200/240  70/110/150/190/230

Removed Monster Reduction: No Longer deals 50% damage to monsters

R – Vanguard’s Edge

Range: 10501000

League Of Legends Kindred Title Patch

W – Wolf’s Frenzy

Wolf Bonus Attack Speed: 50% bonus attack speed25% bonus attack speed

R – Lamb’s Respite

Cooldown: 160/130/100 seconds 180/150/120 seconds

League Of Legends Lee-Sin Title Patch

Q – Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike

Base Damage: 55/85/115/145/175 ⇒ 50/75/100/125/150

Damage Ratio: 0.9 bonus attack damage  1.0 bonus attack damage

Removed Execute Damage: No longer deals 8% of target’s missing health as damage

New Execute Damage: Now deal up to 100% increased damage based on target’s missing health

League Of Legends Morgana Title Patch

Base Stats

Mana Regen: 15 mana per 5 seconds ⇒ 11 mana per 5 seconds

E – Black Shield

Cost: 50 mana 80 mana

League Of Legends Olaf Title Patch

W – Vicious Strikes

Bonus Attack Speed: 40/50/60/70/80% ⇒ 55/65/75/85/95%

League Of Legends Quinn Title Patch

Base Stats

Armor: 32 ⇒ 28

Passive – Harrier

Base Damage: 15-100 (at levels 1-18) ⇒ 10-95 (at levels 1-18)

League Of Legends Syndra Title Patch

Q – Dark Sphere

Base Damage: 50/95/140/185/230 ⇒ 70/110/150/190/230

League Of Legends Thresh Title Patch

W – Dark Passage

Cooldown: 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 seconds ⇒ 22/19.5/17/14.5/12 seconds

E – Flay

Maximum Attack Damage Contribution: 80/110/140/170/200% 100/125/150/175/200%

League Of Legends Items Title Patch

Support Items

Ancient Coin, Relic Shield & Spellthief’s Edge

Cost: 350 gold 400 gold

NewTwisted Treeline: These changes also apply on Twisted Treeline.

Nomad’s Medallion, Targon’s Brace & Frostfang

Combine Cost: 500 gold 450 gold

New Twisted Treeline: These changes also apply on Twisted Treeline.

Marksman Itemization

Infinity Edge

Total Cost: 3600 gold 3400 gold

Build Path: BF Sword + BF Sword + 1000 gold  BF Sword + Pickaxe + 1225 gold

True Damage Conversion: 15%  10%

Attack Damage: 80  70

Updated True Crit Text: “True Damage Critical Strikes” now display as a blue/white icon instead of the purple “Magic Damage Crit” icon


Build Path: BF Sword + Pickaxe + Dagger + Dagger + 425 gold ⇒ BF Sword + Long Sword + Long Sword + Dagger + 500 gold

Total Cost: 3200 gold 2800 gold

Attack Damage: 75  65

Attack Speed: 30%  25%

Essence Reaver

Attack Damage: 70  75

Rapid Firecannon, Statikk Shiv & Runaan’s Hurricane

Gold Cost: 2800 gold  2800 gold

Phantom Dancer

Gold Cost: 2800 gold  2700 gold

Mercurial Scimitar

Total Cost: 3700 gold  3400 gold

Combine Cost: 525 gold  325 gold

Attack Damage: 65  50

League Of Legends Jungle Items-Title Patch

The previous Monster Hunter had the effect of inhibiting the snowball of a jungle who got ahead with kills, not just a champion who was duo-farming the jungle. We’re changing the mechanic to only restrict champions who have the highest minion score, not the highest gold.

Removed Share The Load: If you have the most individual total gold on your team, lane minion kills will grant 10 less gold

New Share The Load: If you have the highest minion score on your team, lane minion kills will grant you 10 less gold

New Twisted Treeline: The Monster Hunter changes also apply on Twisted Treeline

League Of Legends Runes Title Patch

Perfect Timing

Activation Time: 8 minutes  10 minutes


Chromas Collection

Chromas are joining the Collection tab soon after 8.15 goes live! You’ll be able to see all chromas you own, filter to show unowned or unavailable chromas, and group and sort your collection view just like you can with the Skins, Icons, and Wards collections.

Store, Gifting and Forging

Window Shopping: Icons, wards, and chromas can now be 1-click purchased anywhere they are viewable

Just For You: Gifts can be given from the friend’s list

Already Have That One: Emote Permanents can now be Forged into unowned Emote Permanents

Emote Permanent Disenchant:  225 Orange Essence  175 Orange Essence


 New: Find the new Stats tab inside the profile page, full of data reaching back to midseason

Analyze: More than a dozen new stats reveal the strengths and weaknesses in your game by both position and individual champion

Compare: Set your stats against those of your friends, players of any Ranked tier, or champion-specific experts


  • Fearing a champion with Nocturne’s E – Unspeakable Horror no longer interrupts his attacks
  • Fixed a bug where champions with Absolute Focus falling under 70% health during their attack animation would have the attacks cancelled and reset.
  • Fixed a bug where the first attack of Hail of Blades would sometimes cancel.
  • Stormrazor no longer incorrectly gives movement speed on every crit if the Stormrazor crit activated Conqueror
  • Kassadin’s W – Nether Blade on-hit SFX have been restored
  • SSG skins are now listed properly as World Champions: 2017 in the Skins Collections tab
  • Several missing VO lines for God King Darius and God King Garen have been restored
  • Push-to-talk settings are now correctly saved between sessions