Riot League Of Legends has handed Punishments to 16 Pro Players with all pro players punished for toxicity.

Find out why several Pro Players Punished For Toxicity and the punishment they all received.

During September, routine checks were carried out that found evidence of League Of Legends pro players displaying negative behaviour in KR solo queue. The abusive language from the pro players was aimed at teammates and the oppositions they were facing in solo queue and was the sole reason behind the pro players punished for toxicity. However, Riot feels that the negative behaviour shown was not extreme enough to warrant harsher punishments such as being banned from playing League Of Legends.

Check out which of these pro players will be participating in the group stages of worlds.

Formal Warnings For Toxicity

12 out of the 16 pro players were issued with just a formal warning and if any more future negative behaviour is displayed they will be punished more severely.

  • Daniele “Jiizuke” Di Mauro (VIT)
  • Amadeu “Attila” Carvalho (VIT)
  • Minkook “Dreams” Han (VIT)
  • Luka “Perkz” Perkovic (G2)
  • Petter “Hjarnan” Freyschuss (G2)
  • Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen (C9)
  • Stanislav “Lodik” Kornelyuk (GMB)
  • Zhen-Ning “Ning” Gao (IG)
  • Uijin “Rookie” Song (IG)
  • Li “4LivcloveR” Zhe (EDG)
  • Jaeha “Mowgly” Lee (AFR)
  • Hyesung “Comet” Lim (AFR)

These are the named and shamed pro players who have received just a formal warning for their crimes of toxicity. From the names mentioned above, you may have noticed a familiar name. Svenskeren, who had a competitive ruling against him in 2014. You may think why isn’t Svenskeren receiving a harsher punishment for a repeat offence? Riot have declared that Svenskeren has shown no further signs of committing new offences and the length of time between the first offence, all past actions were not taken into consideration. What was taken into consideration was the language used by Svenskeren, Riot deemed it not culturally insensitive.

Pro Players Fined

Four pro players punished for toxicity whose negative behaviour was more severe, all received fines in addition to their formal warnings.

Toxic behaviour was reported in multiple games throughout September and even some cases pro players were found they have been intentionally feeding in the games.

The fine differs depending on the level of toxicity they showed. Here are the Four pro players that were fined.

  • Diamondprox is fined $1,000 USD
  • TheShy is fined $1,000 USD
  • iloveoov is fined $1,500 USD
  • Uzi is fined $2,000 USD

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One player that appears on the list comes as no surprise as Uzi has a history of toxicity. Uzi is very well known for his ability to play marksman and considered as one of the best in the world. However, Uzi has had a long history of falling out with his teammates. As seen in this Reddit post, there were reports of Uzi allegedly getting physical at one stage. He is well known for thinking that every support he plays alongside are not good enough or they don’t try hard enough to win.

Pro Players Ban For Toxicity - Uzi Royal Never Give up

Not only Uzi was being toxic, but he was also found being toxic on a purchased/shared account. Sharing or purchasing an account that is not registered to you is prohibited under the LoL Terms of Service and the Summoner’s Code. It one of the reasons Uzi fine is heavier than the others.

Some fan thinks the pro player punished for toxicity should receive a much severe punishment such a being banned for a few games or banned for taking part in the worlds 2018 tournament.