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League Of Legends Ranks Updated: New Tiers and Visuals

Find Out What Is Coming To The New Ranking System In 2019

Due to consistent feedback, players were unhappy with the current ranking system. Players felt frustrated at being stuck in ELO hell. They felt they have progressed enough in their gameplay to justify them being at a higher rank than they were.

Handling of placements was another area players felt aggrieved by as players can win all their promotional games and still be placed in a lower tier than they thought they were capable of.

What Is Riot Doing To Ease The Pain?

The first change you will notice is that you will receive a provisional rank after your first game. With the new design, you are able to keep track of all your provisional games in which only you are able to see. During this provisional period, you will see huge LP gain when you win and even be able to skip promotional games. When you lose you will not lose any LP at all.

After the provisional period has ended, you will receive your official starter rank.

League Of Legends Provisional Progress Chart

What Changes Are There With The Tiers And Divisions?

To address the criticisms of where the players felt stagnant in their current tier, not one but two new tiers will be added. One of the tiers will be the ‘Iron Tier’ which will be placed below the bronze tier. Adding the iron tier here will give players who have improved their overall gameplay better recognition for their hard work.

The second tier is the Grandmaster Tier which is a long-overdue recalibration of top tiers will be placed in between the Masters Tier and the Challenger Tier.

As the top tiers seem to have a huge difference in skill capabilities, adding this new tier will hopefully differentiate players based on their skills for players that are placed between the Master and Challenger tiers.

You might be thinking that with more tiers added that you will have to do the extra grinding. This will not be the case as the divisions will be going from 5 down to two. No more bronze V memes… Cue Iron IV memes!

With all these changes being made, Riot hopes to find a happy medium in which players will feel their improvements are reflected whilst finding a balance between the different tiers.

Visual Design

The new visuals for Ranked are only in the concept phase at the moment but the design is inspired by factions, materials, and aesthetics of Runeterra (fictional world of League of legends)

We want the Ranked experience to feel like going from a scrappy brawler in Iron and Bronze, to a warlord in Plat, and finally feeling like the battle among gods at the upper tiers.

Thiago “Mango Thunder” – artist and senior visual designer

Let us know what you think about these new changes.


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