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League Of Legends Senna ‘The Redeemer’ Abilities First Look

The game’s newest champion will hit the PBE soon.

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Although many League fans are watching Worlds 2019, others are eagerly awaiting Senna’s arrival, the wife of dominating Marksman Lucian.

Update: Senna ‘The Redeemer’ Abilities Revealed

Over the past few weeks, Riot Games has drip-fed information about Senna The Redeemer, starting with her announcement. Now, a brief gameplay trailer has been launched by the League of Legends team, providing fans a taste of what the new champion can do.

The teaser does not give us any official names or accurate descriptions, but based on their appearance in the trailer we can theorise what the abilities will do. Thankfully for fans of the League, Riot included an ability bar over Senna’s head to show what skill is being used with each animation presented in the teaser.

Senna’s Abilities

LoL Senna Q Skill

Resembling Lucian’s Piercing Light (Q) ability, Senna’s Q fires a bold in a straight line. The overall ability seems to be quite a bit larger than Lucian’s.

Senna Q
Senna Q

LoL Senna W Skill

Her W looked like a skill shot, which, in a straight line throws out a teal sphere. The ability strikes the enemy Thresh in the trailer and seems to leave a mark on the Chain Warden. After the spell hits its target, the mark seems to charge up, rooting the Thresh after a brief period.

Senna W
Senna W

LoL Senna E Skill

Senna submerges into the Rift and goes into ‘ghost mode’, turning greenish and summoning a dark circle around her. It looks as though it provides benefits of the skill to allied champions.

Senna E
Senna E

LoL Senna R Skill

The pièce de résistance, Senna’s Ultimate ability – Shooting in a straight line for a lane-wide attack that appears to deal devastating damage. Possibly dealing more damage to enemies in the center.

Senna R
Senna R

As she enters League’s Public Beta Environment on Oct. 29, fans will get a deeper look at Senna The Redeemer and her skills. Senna will remain on the PBE before going live with the 2020 preseason patch due Nov 20.


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Her passive looks like it is similar to thresh’s, when he died to her ultimately he dropped a greyish ghostly thing, and when she killed a minion it dropped a similar wisp and she picked it up; important to notice, when she killed, not when Lucian killed. Kalista didn’t drop anything.
This might not be part of it though.


It honestly looked like it had a health bar; a friendly spirit or something. The thing dropped. It looked kind of like a fortnite zombie

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