With LoL Season 10 soon upon us, a teaser trailer was published on a social media outlet, providing avid fans with a small glimpse of what to expect in the next chapter.

Some of the changes coming to League of Legends Season 10 include Summoner’s rift map changes where players can explore new areas. Elemental Dragons, that provide the team who slain the beast with more powerful buffs including a unique Execution buff when slaying the Elder Dragon and more.

Other changes include new champion Sett, a top lane fighter champion and leader of the Ionia’s growing criminal underworld.

However, roughly 30 seconds into the teaser trailer, an image of what appears to be Volibear new rework.

Volibear Rework Unveiled
Volibear Rework Unveiled

It shows images of the new Volibear side by side. One where Volibear is up on his hind legs and one where he is on all fours. Possibly revealing his updated model and animation for his Rolling Thunder skill (Q).

Normally, Volibear walks around on his hind legs until you active his Q Skill. Once activated he goes on all fours, providing Volibear with a movement speed boost that allows him to charge at his enemies.

Riot Games will be sharing and release more information in the upcoming future. But until then, we can wait eagerly with you for the start of LoL Season 10 scheduled for 10th January 2020.