The Worlds 2018 draw results are in, Dash and Phreak delivered the news as we followed both the Play-In Draw and Group Stage draw. During the draw, both presenters explained the rules for each stage and explained how each team was seeded as they slowly revealed each team fate.

To determine which team is picked to be sorted, a ball is randomly picked out a glass bowl. You can also see below the format of how each group is made up.

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Stage Format

First up was the draw for the Play-in, as the draw kicked off first as we saw each of the twelve teams getting split into each pool, here are the results.

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Draw Play-In Stage Results

Group A: EDward Gaming, Infinity, Dire Wolves
Group B: G2, SuperMassive, Ascension Gaming
Group C: Cloud9, KaBuM!, DetonatioN
Group D: G-Rex, Gambit, Kaos Latin Gamers

A few moments later Dash and Phreak revealed the fate of the Group Stage Draw as one by one we saw each group being filled up with each of the12 teams who have already earned their place in the tournament. Here are the results.

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Draw Group Stage Results

Group A: Flash Wolves, Afreeca Freecs, Phong Vũ Buffalo, TBD
Group B: Royal Never Give Up, Gen.G, Team Vitality, TBD
Group C: KT Rolster, MAD Team, Team Liquid, TBD
Group D: Fnatic, 100 Thieves, Invictus Gaming, TBD

There we have it, all 24 teams future has been decided. The Tournament will start on October 1st to determine the winners of the Play-in and see who will take the last spots of the Group Stages.

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-In Start Date