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League Of Legends: World Cup Draw Show

Find Out When The World Cup Draw Is On

The League Of Legends World Championship 2018 will be hosted by South Korea in the new Lol Park Arena and will be soon upon us. But before we get to head of ourselves, we have the Worlds 2018 Draw show to find out which teams are competing against each other.

Find out more about the new Lol Park Arena here.

The draw will hold both the Play-In Stage and Group stage and we will see teams who have earned a place in the Worlds being divided into their respective groups for each stage. To determine the draw pools, last two year’s competitive results are being used from competitions such as MSI 2017 and 2018 and Worlds 2017.

Based on seeding and several rules (there is quite a few), the first part of the draw will see the 12 teams split into three draw pools closely followed by the second part, where 16 teams are sorted into three pools for the group stage of the tournament

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-In Pool Structure
League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Group Pool Structure

You can check out all the rules for the draw here.

When Is The World Cup Draw?

The draw is scheduled for 14:00 CEST(9pm local time in Korea) tomorrow Sunday 23th September which can be watched at http://lolesports.com


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