After seeing Cloud 9 and Edward Gaming confirming their places in the main Group Stage of Worlds 2018, today will bring four more teams to compete for the last two spots. Which two teams will reign supreme in today’s League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins Knockout Stage?

Each team participating in today’s matches will be playing a best of 5 matchups. The first team to win 3 matches first will advance to the next stage of the competition which is the main Group Stage. The four teams included in today’s League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins Knockout Stage results are G2 Esports (G2), Infinity Esports (INF), G-Rex (GRX) and the last team SuperMassive(SUP).

We will see G2 playing against INF and GRX will take on SUP.


First Match

Day 2 of the League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins Knockout Stage first match will be between G2 and INF. INF should now be completely rested since their initial problems at the start of the tournament.

The first match got underway with G2 picking up an earlyish first blood. However, a few minutes later INF responded by overcrowding the bottom lane with a 4 v 2 assault killing both players of G2 and losing none of their own.

We got our first team fight of the game around the 20-minute mark go in favour of G2 as they picked off two INF players. 10 minutes later another team fight broke out, INF over-committed as they got caught out leaving G2 Hjarnan picking up a triple kill with Kai’Sa.

Kai’Sa has been a popular pick so far in this tournament, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she’ll receive a nerf in future patches.

Even though G2 had the kill advantage, INF held their own in the next team fight which saw them pick up a triple kill themselves with Tristana, played by INF Renyu.

G2 at one point had more than 4k gold than their rivals but it wasn’t enough. They lost a team fight when contesting for the Elder Drake with INF picking up 3 kills. With players down for G2, INF stormed the base to claim the first game to take the lead in the League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins knockout stage.

Second Match

]G2 repeated what they did in the first match by getting an early first blood. This time, the first blood was even earlier, is G2 upping their game? As the match progressed, we saw G2 bully their way around Summoner’s Rift picking up kills looking as if they are trying to settle this match quickly.

Best moment of the game we saw INF double teaming up against a lone Urgot that’s being played by G2 Wunder. It looked as if it would be an easy kill by having an extra man advantage, however, Wunder showed tenacity and pulled off some impressive skill work defeating both INF players.

G2 was able to claim Baron and with a sizable lead, responding with a win of their own to take it to 1-1 in the League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins knockout stage.

You can watch the highlights between G2 and INF below of the League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins knockout stage courtesy of Lol Esports.

Third Match

Third time in a row we saw G2 starting aggressively trying to get first. Unfortunately, they lost out in a 2 v2 battle and handed INF with the first blood.

With each team picking up the odd kill, G2 had the slight advantage due to their gold lead, and they have destroyed more towers than INF. This didn’t stop INF from taking the important Baron. G2 responded quickly by picking up a triple kill to turn things around after the blow of losing the Baron.

G2 cleaned up in the later stages of the game picking up Baron buff along the way. INF was pushed back by G2’s super minion, G2 strolls into the base to finish of INF. G2 takes the lead for the first time in the League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins knockout stage.

Fourth Match

INF will need to win this next match to remain in the competition

G2 gets their 3rd first blood of the tournament which INF reacts with a grabbing a kill themselves and claiming the Rift Herald giving them the advantage in this match. INF continues to pick up kills with a double kill increasing their gold advantage. But from the fight INF was left wounded that helped G2 to accumulate a double kill of their own.

INF destroyed G2 when both teams contesting over Baron to increase their gold lead to 2k whilst taking down towers with the Baron buff.

Again INF took Baron but they left themselves exposed which easy prey for G2 sweeping up INF. With high death timers, G2 went straight for the nexus to claim victory and will advance from the League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins Knockout Stage to the main Group stage.

G2 League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins Knockout Stage


First Match

GRX manages to pick up the first kill in their first game today picking up a second not too long after.

It was not until around the 24th minute before things started to pick up the pace. SUP aided by the RIft Herald overpowers GRX with a quadra kill with Kai’Sa played by Zeitnot. GRX was hesitant to fight in the next team fight which cost them as Zeitnot does one better and picks up a penta kill.

A few minutes later Zeitnot picks up a triple kill as GRX crumbles to a defeat handing SUP the lead in the Play-Ins knockout stage.

Second Match

Carrying on from their success of the first game, SUP manages to get first blood and continue controlling the game. GRX inhibitor went down after further domination from SUP but turned things around with a triple. SUP got a little complacent and failed to push the lanes instead handing GRX with some valuable kills.

The next fight saw GRX stitch pick up a triple kill with Kai’Sa as SUP looked a little hesitant. This proved costly as shortly afterwards, GRX took down SUP nexus to tie the game at 1-1 in the League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins knockout stage.

You can watch the highlights between GRX and SUP below of the League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins knockout stage courtesy of Lol Esports.

Third Match

With both teams on 1 win each, the game started off at a slower pace than the previous two games. GRX manages to get first blood around the 8 minute mark followed up with another kill. Afterwards, the game picked up its pace which saw two SUP players against one of GRX. However, GRX Candy outmanoeuvres both of the SUP players to pick up a double kill.

With the Rift Herald fight with them, GRX pushes SUP further back into their own base. SUP came out stronger in the next team fight to keep them from slipping further behind GRX. Two SUP players got caught out and eliminated by GRX who cut them off from joining their teammates giving GRX stitch a double kill

SUP continued to be a little more aggressive as they knew they needed to do something quick or face losing the game. The next team fight it appeared that SUP had the upper hand but GRX Empt2y managed to knock up 3 SUP players with Zac Elastic slingshot to overturn the fight. With SUP players down, GRX took Baron and went straight to the heart of SUP base to claim their second victory and take the lead in the tournament.

Fourth Match

Can SUP turn things around to keep themselves in the tournament?

It appears they cannot as GRX takes first blood with an Orn ultimate snipe. This rocked SUP as they seemed like they do not have a clue what to do. Within a few minutes, they were left with a mountain to climb as GRX picks up their fourth kill of the game to SUP zero. SUP manages to get some footing into the game by snagging up the Rift Herald.

GRX became more bullish than ever and tower diving SUP slaying two members from SUP. Baron was next on the agenda for team GRX as they looked to finish the game. SUP tried to prevent GRX from killing Baron but with two fewer players, GRX manages to secure Baron and escape the wrath of SUP with a nicely timed Ryze ult to get GRX to safety.

This proved too much for SUP to handle as we see GRX take the last spot in the main Group stage.

GRX League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play-Ins Knockout Stage

Play-In has finally concluded, the four winners GRX, C9, EDG and G2 will be placed in a draw to find out which group they will be placed in for the main Group Stage.

Come back to see the final groups which will commence on October 10th which will start at 18:00pm (KST Korea Standard Time) 9 hours ahead of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) (9:00am)[

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