Fortnite’s latest patch v7.40 provided many leaks from cosmetics to upcoming map changes. Now recent leaks have emerged that show Wailing Woods all burnt and the Jinxed building at Tilted Towers Destroyed once more.

The leaked video comes from prolific Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR with the help of AlfieXed. Using a new method, they were able to see the state of Wailing Woods and Tilted Towers days in advanced.

Epic Games have set in motion a set of events to draw Season 7 to a close, with earthquakes tremors clearly heard frequently and the large crack that’s appeared just outside of Tomato Temple. Destruction of the Fortnite map was apparent but if these leaks come to fruition then we’ll directly know which locations will be affected heading into Season 8.

Taking a look at the leaked minimap provided by Lucas Yoshi, You can identify the entire area of Wailing Woods scorched, however, neither the map nor the video shows any form of damage to structures. Just a discoloration of the area.

Tilted Towers, on the other hand, will not be so lucky, as the jinxed building is somehow destroyed once again. Genuinely, this location has to win an award for the “most dangerous place to live“. So far the location has been struck by a meteor, rebuilt as a sporting goods store, to then be destroyed by the Cube in season 5. Now currently some form of TV Studio the jinxed building once more will meet its end.

It’s worth noting that Epic Games may possess more effects and damages for Wailing Woods in unreleased files or concealed encrypted files.

As always, leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, nothing is confirmed officially by Epic Games.