Leaked Harry Potter RPG Surfaces Online

Footage leaked to YouTube of the apparent upcoming Harry Potter RPG

Video Caption

Set in the 19th Century (1800’s) Wizarding World, this 3rd person open-world action RPG game centers around your character with unique abilities who has eared a late acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Released on the YouTube channel RastaPasta, The new apparent Harry Potter RPG has been leaked. You can tell by the quality of the video above that the game was recorded externally, most likely from a mobile phone. Is this game the much anticipated Harry Potter RPG?

Game play Harry Potter RPG Leak

The leak shows a game that appears to be attached to the Harry Potter wizarding world, and even though the caption of the video states the early 1800s there’s nothing in the clip that suggests what timeline they have set the game. With the release of the second Harry Potter Spin-off Fantastic Beasts, it’s plausible they could base the game around the same era.

Upon arrival, strange events begin to materialize In the Forbidden Forrest and trouble begins o brew within the castle walls. Together with Professor Elezar Fig, you embark on a journey through both familiar and never before seen locations to bring to light the truth behind these mysterious occurrences.

The Harry Potter game starts you out as a fresh Hogwarts student. With 8 different wizarding types it’ll be up to you to solve the mysteries that surround the Hogwarts wizarding school, featuring iconic location such as the great hall and the forbidden forest.

New Game Harry Potter Leaked

The Harry Potter trailer has allegedly been captured as part of a focus group where small groups could see the trailer for their feedback. No cameras were allowed, however, as you can tell RastaPasta could supposedly sneak one in.

Fans have clarified that a wide RPG or MMO is most definitely something they desire, with rumors for years that such a game has been in the works, if this leak is real it’ll make many people happy!

We state IF the leak is real as it’s not the first time that a game leak has made its way to YouTube only to be fan made.  Yet this teaser appears to be jaw-droppingly beautiful and highly developed which leads us to believe this trailer will be ready for the public sometime soon.


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