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Leblanc, Morgana and Zyra join the Coven With Brand-new Skins

Joining their fellow Coven sisters, Camille and Lissandra are two more new recruits and their queen.

Following the successful coven-themed skins of last years Camille and Lissandra Coven skins, Riot Games are set to add three more Coven Skins in League of Legends upcoming patch 10.8. The new recruits joining their fellow Coven Sisters are Coven Leblanc skin, Coven Zyra skin and their queen Coven Morgana skin.

Coven LeBlanc Skin

Coven Leblanc Skin Splash Art
Coven Leblanc Skin Splash Art

“They came to LeBlanc as if in some forgotten melody — songs of the Black Crane, and its titanic heart long-imprisoned within the deepest reaches of the Elderwood. Her sisters fell before the forest’s defenders, but LeBlanc did find her prize… and now her patron has begun to wake, stirring itself from a dreamless slumber of unhallowed centuries.”

Coven Leblanc Loadscreen
Coven Leblanc Loadscreen

LeBlanc Coven skin will be priced at 1350 RP when it goes live and will feature new VFX, SFX and new recall animations.

Coven Morgana Skin

Coven Morgana Skin Splash Art
Coven Morgana Skin Splash Art

“Queen of the coven, and patron of that called Ashen Owl. Morgana worshipped the Old Gods, and wept when they were slain — betrayed when her sister murdered the primordial sun and delivered its power to an army of witch-knights. Now Morgana has returned to end the reign of mankind, returning the world’s true lords to their rightful, mouldering thrones.”

Queen of the coven, Morgana displays her Legendary Coven skin ready to right the wrongs, seeking the return of the Old Gods.

Legendary skins usually cost 1820 RP and therefore the skin cost should not change when it is available in LoL next 10.8 patch.

Just like LeBlanc Coven skin, new recall animations and sound effects are present but Coven Morgana will have brand-new Voice Overs and Character animations.

Coven Zyra Skin

Coven Zyra Skin Splash Art
Coven Zyra Skin Splash Art

“They came to Zyra from the roots and rocks — stirrings of the Night Dove, its beating wings twisting the very land that is its grave. Tied now to the whispers beneath the loam, she rips away humanity’s works of stone and glass, each broken vestige another step towards a world returned to nature.”

Finally, Zyra is out of the 1000 days club, yes it really been over three years since Zyra has received skin.

Coven Zyra skin turns her saplings into ghostly raven heads that transform into terrifying plants once Zyra cast her spells on them. In addition to her darken themed skin, the Rise of the Thorns champion will receive new recall animations, sound effects and new theme particles.

The skin is set to cost the same as Coven LeBlanc of 1350 RP.


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