League of Legends upcoming duelling card game, Legends of Runeterra (LoR) is soon upon us. Players will take to the battlefields with their chosen deck of cards, planning and strategising to outwit their opponents. Do you have what it takes to master your craft and become the ultimate champion?

Five Tips You Need To Know To Win More Legends of Runeterra Games

With over 300+ cards to collect and six Legends of Runeterra regions to conquer here is our beginner’s guide to provide you with the insight needed to get you on your way to build the ultimate deck.

Legends of Runeterra Release Date?

The open beta of Legends of Runeterra will be available on 24th January 2020. The final release Riot Games new card game is still to be determined but there have been some hints pointing to a summer release.

What is Legends of Runeterra?

Legends of Runeterra is a strategy card game base on Runeterra, a fiction world for all League of Legends champions. Harness the abilities of various regions of Runeterra and start building your deck of cards filled with champions that are normally seen in Summoner’s Rift.

Currently, there are six Regions of Runeterra, Demacia, Piiltover & Zaun, Freljord, Ionia, Noxus and Shadow Isles. Each region providing their own characteristics and traits. You can have a max of two regions in your deck.

Each card has its own unique properties to help aid you in your quest. Some cards full potential is unlocked when combining with other cards. You will need to try different combinations and experiment with your cards to build the ultimate deck up to 40 cards.

LoR Decks Requirements

Players can have a maximum of 40 cards within their decks. Each deck can hold up to two regions and limited to six champion cards. In addition, you can only have three copies per champion.

LoR Deck Types

There are four main types of decks, Midrange, Combo, Aggro and Control.

Midrange Type

Flexible and can adapt to any situations. A good all-rounder of speed and stamina.

Combo Type

Relies on a combination of cards to create the ultimate combo to instantly win the battle.

Aggro Type

Filled with low-cost creatures to help flood the battlefield, burning spell to overcome your opponent before they have a chance to respond.

Control Type

Allows players to take control of the game by drawing the game out. Control decks offer more stamina to help you outlast your opponent with card advantage and more powerful options.

Level Up In LoR

In Legends of Runeterra you gain Region levels by earning XP through daily quests and duelling in epic card battles. Each of the six regions has a total of 20 levels where you can unlock rewards as you level up. Players have the option to level up multiple regions at the same time. However, it is ideal to focus on one at a time.

Region Levels

1Rare Wildcard
2Basic Capsule
3Bronze Chest
4Wild Capsule
5Silver Chest
6Random Epic Card
7Golden Chest
8Champion Capsule
9Basic Capsule
10Epic Capsule
11Golden Chest
12Wild Capsule
13Random Epic Card
14Platinum Chest
15Epic Wildcard
16Champion Capsule
17Epic Capsule
18Platinum Chest
19Champion Wildcard
20Diamond Chest

LoR Cards

In addition, you will earn cards upon levelling. Cards in Legends of Runeterra are made up of different rarities and types. Ranging from Common rarity to Champion.

LoR Card types

Common, Rare, Epic, Champion, Common Wildcards, Rare Wildcards, Epic Wildcards, Champion Wildcards.

Cards you earn are determined on the region being played.

LoR Chests and Capsules

Chests are one of the top rewards to earn within Legends of Runeterra as it provides players with a chance to obtain Capsules, Cards and Shards.

Shards are used to purchase wildcards in the shop.

You will also notice Chests also comes in different forms of rarities with the rarest Diamond Chest providing the best rewards.

LoR Chest Rewards

Bronze Chest Rewards

Two Common cards and a minimum of 80 Shards

Silver Chest Rewards

Two Common cards and one Rare Card. Plus, a minimum of 200 Shards

Gold Chest Rewards

One Basic Capsule and a minimum of 360 Shards

Platinum Chest Rewards

Two Basic Capsules and a minimum of 560 Shards

Diamond Chest Rewards

Three Basic Capsules and a minimum of 800 Shards

LoR Capsule Rewards

Capsules only contains cards from the region you have played in and wildcards.

Wild Capsule Rewards

Four Common Wildcards plus One Rare Wildcard

Basic Capsule Rewards

Four Common cards plus One Rare card

Epic Capsule Rewards

Two Common cards, Two Rare cards plus One Epic card

Champion Capsule Rewards

Three Rare cards, One Epic Card plus One Champion Card

LoR Weekly Vault Rewards

From Monday to Sunday the weekly vault is reset. The weekly vault consists of 13 levels where players can gain XP throughout the week to earn rewards by completing daily quests and competing in battles.

Players should comfortably reach level 10 by completing all daily quests. Consistently rewarding players with 24 Common Cards, 2 Rare Cards, 1 Champion Card and at least 1,680 Shards.

See table below for a list of rewards and how much XP needed.

103 x Bronze Chests
21,0002 x Bronze Chests, 1 x Silver Chest
32,0001 x Bronze Chest, 2 x Silver Chest
43,0001 x Bronze Chest, 1 x Silver Chest, 1 x Gold Chest
54,0002 x Silver Chest, 1 x Gold Chest
65,0001 x Silver Chest, 2 x Gold Chest
77,0003 x Gold Chest
89,0002 x Gold Chest, 1 x Platinum Chest
911,0001 x Gold Chest, 2 x Platinum Chest
1013,0003 x Platinum Chest, 1 x Champion Card
1117,0002 x Platinum Chest, 1 x Diamond Chest, 1 x Champion Card
1221,0001 x Platinum Chest, 2 x Diamond Chest, 1 x Champion Card
1325,0003 x Diamond Chest, 1 x Champion Card
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Michael Shaneman
Michael Shaneman
10 months ago

I don’t know if they tweaked it since this was written four days ago, but in my Ionian bronze chest just now I got a common card, an epic card, and 66 shards. It’s not telling me the Epic was an upgrade but I assume it must be.