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Nearly two weeks have passed since Legends of Runeterra went live with their Open Beta, the game is getting its first live update. The Small LoR patch will go live today at 9:30 AM PT, with plans to release a patch every other Tuesday.

Lor Patch Notes
LoR Patch Notes

Legends of Runeterra developers explain how they plan to alternate between small and large patches. Starting with 0.8.3 being a small one and 0.9.0 in two weeks’ time being large. The goal is to have potential meta changing adjustments only once a month as apposed to fortnightly.

In the patch Whirling Death and Yasuo’s skill strikes animations are accelerated to cut all players ‘ waiting times. New players equally see a drop in waiting time, but in different contexts: you can start playing Legends of Runeterra immediately after the tutorial is done downloading. As you’re going through the tutorial the rest of the game is being downloaded and installed in the background.

Three new guardians — the companions that follow you on your journey to the top — can be purchased in the shop: Silverwing (who jumps over from Teamfight Tactics), Basilisk and Gloomtooth. All three can be purchased in-game for 590 coins.

In the patch notes released, the developers of LoR note that they’re keeping a close eye on the XP system “One of our main goals for progression is to encourage play through rewards without forcing chore-like behaviors—we want you to have efficient ways to progress, we just also want those experiences to be fun.”Interestingly, some players were queuing up against AI enemies to finish quests and grind for XP, conceding after their daily challenges had been completed. While developers currently have no updates to report, they have some improvements in mind for later.