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Legends of Runeterra’s Open Beta Ranked Mode [Patch Notes]

Battle against your Friends!

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Legends of Runeterra, the newest card game from League of Legends, is drawing ever closer to its Open Beta on January 24. Lucky players that pre-registered before January 20th can play the game right now! Riot’s new game signified its imminent release with the first set of open beta patch notes and they are quite lengthy. LoR patch notes include Ranked mode, many card updates, and friends list!

Below you’ll discover the most impactful changes coming in the upcoming Legends of Runeterra patch.

LoR Ranked Mode

Legends of Runeterra will now include a ranked mode in which competitors can take part in throughout the Beta Season. This will last until the game’s official launch, in which it is likely to be reset. At the end of the season, players can secure an icon based on their seasonally highest hit rank. Similarly to how League of Legends rewards rank placements. LoR uses the very same rank structure as recognized from League of Legends, from Iron all the way up to Challenger.

Legends Of Runeterras Open Beta Ranked Mode Patch Notes
Legends Of Runeterras Open Beta Ranked Mode Patch Notes

LoR Friends List

LoR has introduced a friends list, chat and the ability to challenge friends to help encourage the friendly competitive nature of the game. Players can be friends with players across all regions but will only be able to contest players inside their region at least for the moment. In addition, the dev team is working on fixing the following friends list bugs:

  • Players may see delays when adding or removing names from the block list.
  • Players won’t receive unread notifications for messages received while offline.
  • New message notifications aren’t correctly dismissed at first for active conversations, but will be after a short delay.
  • The client may occasionally become unresponsive when receiving or accepting a challenge invite while performing other in-client actions (opening rewards, entering Expeditions, etc.). Relog to fix.

LoR Boards and Guardians

Players will now be able to customize their LoR experience through various game boards and guardians. These can be managed in the tab “Collections.” Below are the new boards inspired by LoR Regions and the details of the new guardian:

Region-inspired boards

  • Hall of Valor
  • Reckoners Arena
  • Iceborn Peak
  • Clifftop Monastery
  • Hextech Lab
  • Cursed Ruins


  • T-Hex
  • Gromp Jr.
  • Scaled Snapper
Legends Of Runeterra Guardians
Legends Of Runeterra Guardians

From the beginning, Riot has confirmed they want Legends of Runeterra players to be able to obtain all the cards in the game freely. Cosmetics will be their primary focus in monetizing the game: Guardians and custom boards all available in a new menu option.

As reported at the start of this article there’s an extensive list of complete changes coming to Legend of Runeterra. Including multiple card changes, UI changes and many bugfixes.


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