Riot development team discusses the making of Little Demon Tristana, Recall Animation, SFX, VO and more

Six Weeks on, Little Demon Tristana skin is cruising along with its development process as the team are continuously shaping and polishing the upcoming skin. For the past two weeks, the developers have been creating and designing Tristana’s Recall Animation, Sound Effects and Voice Overs whilst making tweaks to the character’s model.

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Latest On Little Demon Tristana Skin

After sculpting Little Demon Tristana model and then retopologizing converting from high-poly to low-poly sculpture and going through the process of rigging, the team are ready to add a little paint to Tristana. Through a process known as texturing, to add UV coordinates and simulate lights creating a texture map.

“You can think of it like peeling an orange, where the “orange” is the character model (kinda weird, I know). After it’s peeled, you can paint on the peeled surface, and then it automatically goes back onto the character model. To “peel the orange,” the modeler does selections for each piece and then projects them flat, and then lays all of those pieces out into a square.”

Trevor “EdBighead245” Carr, Senior Character Artist
Little Demon Tristana UV Texture LoL
Little Demon Tristana UV Texture – League Of Legends

Using the simulated lighting to bake lighting into the texture as there is no support for dynamic lighting in League Of Legends, the team begin to paint Little Demon Tristana skin to make the whole thing feel more high quality. Constantly thinking about lighting, material, whether it is colorful enough and fun to look at.

Little Demon Tristana Early Gradient Overlay LoL
Little Demon Tristana Early Gradient Overlay – League Of Legends

The early gradient map received some feedback from the team and players and felt Tristana was neon looking and way too pink. After another repaint of toning down the colors and some minor tweaks, a finalised version was published. The team are now ready to test Little Demon Tristana skin in-game. Tweaks will still be ongoing right until it is ready to release into League of Legends. This is the final texture of Little Demon Tristana.

Little Demon Tristana Final textures LoL
Little Demon Tristana Final textures – League Of Legends

Little Demon Tristana Recall Animation

Using animation blocking, the team can quickly design various recall animations and test their ideas out. Making sure it fits with Tristana skin theme and whether it is worth pursuing. Below are some of the process the team went through designing and perfecting the recall animation they envisioned.

Once the team have an idea of the end results, the team start to add animations bring the character to life. Here is the final Recall animation.

Now it is time for the team to start adding sound effects and voice over to the recall animation.

Little Demon Sound Effects

Using a palette of sounds by mixing screams, animal noises and fire, the sound designers warp and mash them together making the sounds that are recognizable as Tristana. Below you can listen to the first collections of sounds.

Alison “semipriceysoap” Ho, Sound Designer uses the audio and starts warping the sounds for Little Demon Tristana theme. Here is the sample

Audio software is used to help morph sounds such as a cannon blast with Alison Ho audio sample. The sample will now mimic the cannon blast sounds without having it directly in the sound itself. Listen to the result below.

Little Demon Voice Over

Julian “Riot Zimberfly” Samal, VO Designer is in charge of creating Tristana new voice for her new Little Demon skin.

Using Tristana’s Base VO (Voice Overs), Julian harmonised the voice to bring out a darker, edgier voice by combining multiple simultaneous voices at different pitches.

Tristana’s Base VO

Harmonised VO

Next, Julian adds extra layers to the VO to create a spooky dark ominous sound. Some of the spooky sounds are from Tristana’s Spooky sonic textures that are used throughout her SFX.

Little Demon Tristana Latest Result

Here is the latest results of Little Demon Tristana incorporating all of the animations, SFX and VO as the skin edges near completion.