With Over 4 million votes, the majority of the public has voted Little Demon Tristana concept skin to be Tristana newest skin.

Recently, Riot Games released a Player Choice Tristana skin poll to vote on Tristana next skin. Narrowing down to a shortlist of three skin concepts designs, Sugar Rush, Galactic Gunner and Little Demon, users were able to choose and vote on what they would like to be Tristana next skin in League Of Legends.

The votes have now been counted, winning by a unanimous decision, Little Demon Tristana is the winner!

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Little Demon Tristana

After over 4 million votes have been counted, Little Demon Tristana design will now be transformed into a real skin for League of Legends champion, Tristana. Beating out two other designs, Sugar Rush Tristana and Galactic Gunner Tristana.

Here are results of the votes

  • Sugar Rush: 30%
  • Galactic Gunner: 27%
  • Little Demon: 43% (Winner)

Production has already begun on Little Demon Tristana skin and at present have a few ideas of what the code name might be. Adorable and demonic, not “edgy”, Right-hand yordle of Little Devil Teemo and Fiery and mischievous.

The developer team has also shared their brainstorm ideas that include possible visual effects, appearances, etc. bringing the Little Demon Tristan skin to life.

When we were initially coming up with the concepts for the Player Choice Tristana skin, we worked with our concept artist Jesse Li to design three options based around beloved themes. We wanted a “fun” skin, a “sci-fi” skin, and then asked him to create the third choice based on what he felt Tristana needed.

We usually kick off all new skins with a product brief. This super glamorous document has a logline (like a slogan), pillars, and creative goals. We make this so everyone on the team knows where we’re headed and so the artists can feel empowered to flex their creativity within that sandbox. We like to have this document before we enter pre-production—the concept and exploration phase—but for this skin, we had the art first and needed to wait for the results of the vote before we could start production.
Once we knew the winner, we got started on production right away.

Janelle “Riot Stellari” Jimenez

The developing team will be publishing frequent updates, so you are able to keep track through all the design and skin development process over at Riot Games’ Nexus.

Here is a sneak peek from next week update on possible VFX routes.

Updates will occur every two weeks, make you check back soon to ensure you don’t miss out.