Riot Games week of updates is almost at an end but not before shedding some light on the future of League of Legends champions. Announcements were provided on Sett, the Fiddlesticks and Volibear rework progression, and they even teased several plans for champions to be released later in 2020.

Champion updates

Now that Sett has been released with today’s patch the next champions on the radar will not be new ones. Instead, it’s the two champions players voted for in 2019 to receive an update, Fiddlesticks and Volibear.


League Of Legends Fiddlestick Rework
League Of Legends Fiddlestick Rework

As always when changing iconic champions, Riot Games places a deep focus on trying to retain the main essence of a champion and subsequently builds upon them. For Fiddlesticks they are testing out a darker horror-themed style and revamping his kit to really give us the spooks.

“we’re giving Fiddle new mechanics that are built around its iconic Crowstorm. This includes giving Fiddlesticks more ways to stay hidden and find or create opportunities to ambush enemies. When a player succeeds at executing the perfect jump scare, we want to also make sure they’re in a powerful position to win the fight.”


League Of Legends Volibear Rework
League Of Legends Volibear Rework

After feedback from the first Volibear concept received conflicting emotions from players, the development team have decided they needed to beef him up a notch. As with Fiddlesticks, Riot felt it best not to deviate too much from live Volibear which may upset some of you. Many fans of the savage bear wanted the dev team to create Volibear more in light of the “Eldritch Horror” League of Legends lore. However, Lead Producer on champions Ryan “Reav3” Mireles does mention a skin in its honor will be available, for free!

New LoL Champions 2020

Juggernaut Sett released today – A bad boy from the Ionian underground who likes to spend his time breaking the faces of his enemies. He comes with a new mechanic that builds up any damage he has recently taken as grit. Sett can then unleash his spell and depending on how “pumped” up Sett is, the more damage he’ll cause. Players that received a mysterious invitation after consistently getting first blood will want to check out their inventory to unlock Sett for free!

For more details – Sett Now Live In LoL

Additionally, two new champions will be making their way to the rift as part of a major Summer Festival event. Riot loves creating thematic group events as they did with Qiyana with True Damage and Aphelios with Night Vs Dawn. From the information provided we know one of the new champions will be a jungler whereas the other an undead demon.

“The event will blossom with a new jungler to fawn over, followed by a masked champion who refuses to die.

To find out more details on the League of Legends mysterious champions, we’ll have to wait until the Summer Festival later this year.

League of Legends Champion Lore

The rest of 2020 will push aside old champions in favor of new releases. In terms of what new champions we can expect this year, dive into League’s lore. Seeing Kai’Sa and Senna receive enthusiastic reactions from players, has convinced the development team to explore more champions identified in lore only. Stated in the Dev update above, at least one champion will be released in 2020 that is already known in the League of Legends universe.