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LoL Eternals: What Are They, What Do They Do and How to Get Them?

Keep track and showcase your accomplishment of each champion you master! Prove it with League of Legends new Eternals.

Eternals League Of Legends Ori
Update: – Hands-On: LoL Eternals Revamped

League Of Legends is set to revamp the champion progression system with Eternals that provides a progression system that exceeds beyond Mastery and Ranked.

Eternals additionally allows you to show off your champion mastery achievements you have reached with any one of LoL champions, even setting a special milestone callout in-game. Highlighting the memorable moment to everyone so they can see how far you have come.

Completing unique Eternal tasks will help you kindle your Eternals and later on reward you with a unique perk to the mastery Emote to showcase your success.

With a total of six Eternal Statues representing different types of achievements, each champion is assigned three status. Providing the champion with their own unique Eternals progression along with their own unique perk.

LoL Eternals

Eternal's Progression Sytem LoL
Eternal’s Progression Sytem – LoL

Every champion will be assigned 3 Eternals, providing the champion with unique tasks. Completing tasks and reaching specific task milestones will kindle your Eternal and providing you with unique perks such as the Eternals Mastery Emote Upgrade.

Each Eternal will comprise of three stages or milestones which will help give you a visual representation of your current progress. The Master Emote Upgrade is achieved by rekindling all of the Eternals in a set and in turn, it will update your Mastery Emote with Eternal Statue flames and specials marks.

Every time you complete a task, your flame from your Eternal status will grow upon reaching certain milestones. This will be automatically reflected on your upgraded Mastery Emote. Here is what it looks like completing all Eternal tasks in the set.

You will be able to use the new progression system to help keep track of your mastery level along with unique personal stats with each champion.

Bard's Eternal Stats Progression LoL
Bard’s Eternal Stats Progression – LoL

When you break your personal best milestone, a callout is displayed in-game for everyone to see and the progression you have made with that specific champion.

Eternal Statues

There is a total of six Eternal statues all representing various types of achievements that you can show off on the rift. For example, Bard first eternal in the set shows the blue statue known as “The Warden”, this statue represents being able to control champions in a fight with Crowd Control (CC) skills. Bard Q skill has a CC effect and by completing CC related tasks will help you achieve certain milestones for The Warden Eternal.

The Warden Eternal LoL
The Warden Eternal – LoL

Here is a list of all the Types of Eternals and what they stand for!

The Empress Eternal LoL
The Empress Eternal – LoL

The Empress

  • Superior micro / macro; flawless play or decision-making
  • Motto: “Big brains. Big plays.”
  • Sample Champions: Fiora, Ezreal
The Guide Eternal LoL
The Guide Eternal – LoL

The Guide

  • Enabling teammates to make plays and stay in the fight
  • Motto: “TAKE THE LANTERN.”
  • Sample Champions: Soraka, Sona
The Protector Eternal LoL
The Protector Eternal – LoL

The Protector

  • Damage / CC mitigation via tanking, shielding, or prevention
  • Motto: “Not today.”
  • Sample Champions: Braum, Shen
The Trickster Eternal LoL
The Trickster Eternal | LoL

The Tricker

  • Deceitful, manipulative mind games
  • Motto: “/all ?”
  • Sample Champions: Shaco, Teemo
The Warden Eternal LoL
The Warden Eternal – LoL

The Warden

  • Controlling champions in fights via CC
  • Motto: “You play on MY terms.”
  • Sample Champions: Sejuani, Nunu
The Warrior Eternal LoL
The Warrior Eternal | LoL

The Warrior

  • Harm in the most brutal, straightforward way possible
  • Motto: “Rekt.”
  • Sample Champions: Mordekaiser, Darius

More Eternal statues will more likely be added as they continue and expand the new progression system.

When Will Eternals Be Release?

Eternals will be heading into LoL Live client during 9.17 patch update. Following LoL typical bi-weekly schedule, it will be due to be released around 27th August.

How To Unlock Eternals?

Unfortunately for some players, unlocking Eternals for a champion require spending some RP (Riot Points) real-life cash.

There is a dedicated section within the Riot Store to browse all LoL champions and unlock their Eternals. Click on the Riot Store Icon located at the top right corner of the client and then click on the External Tab.

Riot Store Eternal's LoL
Eternals – Riot Store | LoL • 850 RP

Click on your chosen champion, and then purchase the Eternal.

Unlocking Eternal's in League of Legends
Unlocking Eternal’s in League of Legends

How Much Does Eternal Cost?

You may have noticed from the images above, Eternal will cost 850 RP.

Over at the nexus FAQ page, Riot Games gave us a little insight on why Eternals are only available for RP.

We took a look at how other games have tackled similar systems to see what felt good and what could use some improvement. Existing systems like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s loot boxes for StatTrak weapons and Dota 2’s subscription model for Hero Relics showed us that rarity was a core component for these types of systems. As a result of what we were seeing, we initially designed an early version of Eternals with a loot-based system, but it felt overly complicated and too punishing to be a satisfying approach for League. As a result, we went back to the basics: We’d package sets of three Eternals for players to get with RP. 

Additionally—and for complete transparency—Eternals were a huge undertaking to build. The system has a significant amount of new tech powering it to ensure that it works consistently and reliably. We also want to support and expand upon this feature for years to come, and with so many champions to build and maintain Eternals for, the only way we could justify supporting the feature was to attach an RP price to it.

Future of Eternals

As soon as Eternal rolls out in patch 9.17, Riot games will continue to expand Eternals with Set 2 for all champions in the game. The current perks and features for set 2 are yet to be finalised but there are a few ideas flying around where players might be able to skin their milestones.

For the time being, Riot Games will be letting enjoy playing with the Set 1 first.


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