League Of Legends has announced it will be ending its support for macOS 10.8.5 and 10.9 by the end of the month

Users still on previous versions of Apple Mac operating system will soon face problems running League Of Legends. Riot Games, LoL is ending its support for older Mac Users. Affecting fewer than 0.01% of players globally

Ending Its Support For Older Mac

Several factors are taken in consideration to end its support for older macOS users. Security, performance, technology and Apple.

Riot Games is unable to take advantage of newer technology that is not supported for the older operating system. Making updates tougher and time-consuming when using older and tired methods. More efficient use of the time can be spent on making improvements and adding new features to League Of Legends, as users demand more and more to keep them interested.

With each patch, we have to spend more and more time keeping League secure and functional for a population that’s getting smaller and smaller — time we could otherwise spend making new stuff.

Riot Games Ending Its Support For Older Mac users
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As we have reached an age where a typical user knows their way around a computer, security has become tougher to maintain unless future enhancements are made. Operating systems preventing future update using newer secure methods of technology will be at risk. If the macOS is unable to support such technology, Riot Games have no choice to end their support. Safety comes first!

This is due to Apple no longer provides technical or security update for older MAC users. Preventing Riot Games to update their game to support and make use of newer technology.

Riot Games has chosen to end their support for macOS 10.8.5 and 10.9 on 28th February. Older MAC users can continue to play but may encounter issues which will get worse with every future LoL update. Until it is completely unplayable.

Users will have to update their macOS to 10.10 or higher if they wish to continue playing League Of Legends.

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