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LoL MSI Event, Loot, Rewards and Trial Pass

Earn rewards during the LoL Mid-Season Trials event as you are sorted into one of four competitive houses

League of Legends does Harry Potter in this years MSI Event. Players take on MSI Trials 2019 and compete for house points in their respective houses by complete event-related missions. Collect rewards or shop the collection of MSI Event goodies on offer such as the MSI Trial Pass, gifting players Trial Tokens every day.

MSI Event shop additionally includes the exclusive Conqueror Alistar skin and a way to collect Prestige Points to unlock rare Prestige Editions skins.

Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition skin will be available on 15th May within the Battle Academia Event store where you can exchange 2000 Trial Tokens to unlock the prestigious skin.

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Mid-Season Trials

The Mid-Season Trials Event is now live and is available until 2nd of June. You must choose out of four competitive houses, The Faceless, The Council, The Warband, The United and start competing in the trials. Earning house points from your house-related missions.

If you are undecided, you can take the MSI Trial Quiz to find out which house you are suited for.

MSI Event House Quiz LoL 2019
MSI – Event House Quiz – League Of Legends

After you have chosen your house, missions will be available to earn house points for your house that will start on the 8th of May.

Only missions that has your house crest will count towards your house progress.

The winning house will earn a Golden House Emote, in-game Finisher animation and Icon.

MSI Trial Pass

MSI Trial Pass LoL
MSI Trial Pass – League Of Legends

Purchasing a Trial Pass is the best way to unlock the Loot from the Event Shop. The pass grants its members

  • 4 MSI 2019 Orbs
  • 200 Trial 2019 Tokens
  • Exclusive Trail 2019 Icon
  • Exclusive Milestone Missions awarding up to 25 Prestige Points
  • Earn Trails Token per match you play

The pass is available now until the 3rd June 2019 and will cost 1650 RP (Riot Points)

MSI Event Shop

The MSI event shop features exclusive rewards that can be unlocked by Trial Tokens. These event tokens can be obtained by completing MSI event missions or by playing in matches if you have the Trial Pass.

The shop is available until 18th June 2019. Below is a list of all MSI Event Shop rewards on offer.

MSI Loot Shop

You can purchase MSI 2019 Orb in the MSI Event Shop for 200 Trial Tokens. Opening an MSI Orb contains Skin Shards with a chance to unlock precious Gemstones, Gemstone Skin and a Random Esports Skin.

MSI Event Orb Loot Rewards 2019 LoL
MSI Event Orb Loot Rewards – League Of Legends

There is a 10% chance to drop unowned Permanent esports skin. Eligible esports skins include Fnatic, TPA, SKT, SSW, IG, Challenger, and Conqueror skins.

Gemstones and permanent Mythic Skins drop rates are multiplied by 1.5 with three chances for each type of drop


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