Follow your favourite Pro Player every move, clicks, keystrokes, positioning and engagements. Customize the Pro View player on how you wish to observe the game

Riot Games has recently launched Pro View, a customizable player to unlock exclusive access to point of view streams for every player in League of Legends game. Giving users unrestricted access to follow their favourite Pro Players clicks, keystrokes and more.

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Pro View

Unlike normal stream viewings, the Pro View has many customizations and features to get you closer into the game than ever before.

Don’t let the action dictate what you see, you decide where the action is. (The Pro View is exclusive to LEC and LCS matches in its first season. )

Pro View Costs

You can purchase LoL Pro View experience for $14.99/€14.99. (Pro View LCS/ Pro View LEC)

If you would like to have both Pro View LCS and Pro View LEC you can purchase an All Access version for $19.99/€19.99.

Pro View True POV Streams

Pro View True POV Stream League Of Legends
Pro View – True POV Stream | League Of Legends

Choose to watch the main action or follow individuals like Jensen Mid-Lane action, Doublelift carrying his teammates or any one of the 10 Pro players playing in the match.

Pro View Multiview

The multiview feature allows users to control up to four streams at once, all seamlessly syncing together.

Pro View Multiview Player Tracking LoL
Pro View Multiview – Side-by-Side Action | League Of Legends

Follow individuals and the main action side-by-side or customizing your viewing experience on the fly to how you want by changing some of the multiview settings.

Swap out who and what you want to view in the window without any interruptions to the game.

Pro View Advanced Timeline

Receive more information than ever before with Pro View Advanced Timeline. Every kills and objectives that happen in the game are marked on the timeline. Helping you to keep track of major plays.

Pro View Advanced Timeline League Of Legends
Pro View Advanced Timeline – League Of Legends

Just hover over the markers to see a summary of the action.

Pro View VOD, Stats and Highlights

Pro View Overview of Player Stats, VOD and Highlights LoL
Pro View – Overview of Player Stats, VOD and Highlights | LoL

In the centre of the Pro View is an overview of all the player stats such as players K/D/A (Kills/Deaths/Assists), items, gold, etc.

You will also have a Highlights tab next to the Stats tab which will show all the highlights available to you and the Matches tab. Offering VOD (Video-On-Demand) clips of all the action from other streams. Making sure you do not miss out on the action.

Pro View Watch With Friends

Ever watched streams with your friends but they are not in sync?

The Pro View allows you to share a unique URL to share with your friends and sync everyone’s viewing experiences together seamlessly.

Each of your friend’s view of the game and the timeline full of stats will update between your friends to match yours. As if you were all watching together on the same monitor.