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LoL Qiyana: AD Jungle Assassin Teased

Empress of the elements is coming out of hiding from the hidden city Ixaocan of Runeterra as we catch a glimpse of League of Legends newest champion

Riot Games has teased us with a small brief clip of the upcoming champion Qiyana: Empress of the Elements, an AD Jungle assassin hidden away in a place that was unknown to Runeterra until now. With an affinity with the elements, the people of Ixaocan celebrate her prowess and take on the world.

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Qiyana Empress of Elements Splash Art League Of Legends
Qiyana Empress of Elements Splash Art – League Of Legends

A while back during the Champion Roadmap discussion in April, Riot Games teased us a new champion they have been working on that will soon be making an appearance. Detailing that an unknown AD Assassin has been living deep in the jungles of Runeterra hidden from the World will soon emerge.

We now know the hidden city is known as Ixaocan and is the newest expansion to Runeterra, a fiction world of League Of Legends.

From the teased champion reveal footage you can hear Qiyana tells a story how she raised jungles, shaped lands and commanded rivers, due to Qiyana affinity with the elements thanks to her weapon. A giant golden ring with three powerful magical stones embedded into the weapon.

The clip shows us that Qiyana is able to control Earth, Fire and Water. Whether she can control any more elements is yet to be seen. But she looks like a very interesting champion already.

We will keep you updated as soon as the full champion reveal is out. Detailing the Empress of Elements skills and abilities and the champion first look in-game.


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