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LoL Unveils New Champion and Marksman Aphelios, the Weapon of The Faithful

Killing the enemies of his faith in brooding silence, Aphelios emerges from the shadows

Having already removed permanent game mode, Twisted Treeline as well as major changes on Summoner’s Rift, Riot Games are planning to shake things up for LoL 10th Season. Upon releasing patch 9.23, known as the preseason 2020 patch, Riot Games unveiled their newest champions to enter the rift, Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful.

LoL Aphelios

Aphelios is a mute AD Carry from Targon that speaks only through his sharp marksman skills of his weapons.

“Emerging from moonlight’s shadow with weapons drawn, Aphelios kills the enemies of his faith in brooding silence—speaking only through the certainty of his aim, and the firing of each gun. Though fueled by a poison that renders him mute, he is guided by his sister Alune in her distant temple sanctuary from where she pushes an arsenal of moonstone weapons into his hands. For as long as the moon shines overhead, Aphelios will never be alone.”

Aphelios Champion Splash Art LoL
Aphelios Champion Splash Art – LoL

The newest champion may be unsurprised by many as Aphelios was actually in fact teased in the Champion Roadmap in October.

Although his skills and in-game visuals have yet to be unveiled, users can head over to the League of Legends Universe and read Aphelios biography.

Stay tuned as we will keep you updated as soon Aphelios is available on the PBE.


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