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Lol Worlds 2018 Play-Ins: Day 1 Results And Standings

Latest Results And Standings Of League Of Legends 2018 Worlds Tournament

Day 1 of the League Of Legends Worlds 2018 tournament has been a gone where we have seen 6 teams from group C and D battling out for a spot of the main group stage. If you are wondering why group C and D played their games before A and B, this was due to a rescheduling.

Click the link to find out more – LoL Operations Team Reschedules Line-Up

The six-team competing in the first round of the event are: C9 (Cloud 9), DFM(DetonatioN), GRX(G-Rex), GMB(Gambit), KLG(Kaos Latin Gamers), KBM(KaBuM)

Results of Group C matchups

C9 (Winner) Vs KBM
DFM (Winner) Vs KBM
DFM Vs C9 (Winner

KaBum struggled in their matches as they lost both of their matches to C9 and DFM, leaving them bottom of the table. They were very poor that at one point; the panel was comparing which team destroyed KBM better.

C9, one of the favourite teams to reach the main group stage wins both of their game which leaves them top of the table. DFM has 1 win and 1 loss, losing to C9 but securing a win against the struggling KBM clinches 2nd place.

Results of Group C matchups

GMB Vs GRX (winner)
GRX (Winnner) Vs KLG
GMB (Winnner) Vs KLG

Similar to group C C9, GRX wins both of their opening games that places them at the top of the table. KLG saw the same fate as KBM from group C, losing both of the matches leaving them bottom of the table. GMB lost to C9 in their first match but was able to beat KLG in the last game of Day 1. With one win and one loss they take up 2nd spot

Day 2 of the tournament will start at 18:00pm (KST Korea Standard Time) equivalent to  UTC(Coordinated Universal Time) +9 where we will see 6 more teams competing in Worlds 2018.


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